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  1. I agree it''s probably Phelan but hopefully McNally''s supposed trip to Scotland was to look for a Lambert Mark II (isn''t that what we all want?!). Like Lambert, McInnes is a tough Scottish midfielder who has had a managerial failure in his early career but he''s also won promotions and has performed wonders at Aberdeen. My Aberdeen supporting mate says this: "He''s a really good manager. Knows how to spot a good player (and just as importantly a bad one). Has overseen a revolution in Aberdeen''s dressing room behaviour and morale, which has been terrible for years. He says the right things to the fans and media. And is tactically pretty sound in a standard British way. Taken together he''s the best manager we''ve had for 20 years. "Did well at Bristol City too, initially. Then the club pushed through drastic cuts in the wage bill and got relegated, which they oddly blame him for. But that seems crazy to us. "I''d be surprised if he left Aberdeen for the Championship now, with them top of the league. I would imagine he''d stay till the end of the season at least and then join a club like Norwich or something similar. He is widely seen at Aberdeen as a Rangers manager in waiting, whenever they sort themselves out."
  2. Norwich''s Premier League results in 2013Played 37 Won 9 Drawn 11 Lost 17 For 34 Against 58 Points 38What''s interesting is that this season is almost exactly the same as the awful second half of last season: 2013 (2012/13 Season)Played 18 Won 4 Drawn 7 Lost 7 For 18 Against 26 Points 192013 (2013/14 Season)Played 19 Won 5 Drawn 4 Lost 10 For 16 Against 32 Points 19There is absolutely no glimmer of improvement, despite the millions spent in the summer. Given that injection of talent, the consistent lack of goals in 2013 has to be related to the way the management set us up to play – tactics, not personnel. I cannot see how a managerial team can keep their jobs based on those figures. The only positive is that 38 points would''ve kept us up last season and, arguably, we aren''t getting any worse. Here''s to a glimmer of improvement in 2014. Happy New Year everyone.
  3. Spot on Jim.In the second-half it was immediately obvious that Cardiff were playing a much higher line, with their back four pushed up right onto the half-way line. In these circumstances, it would be an obvious tactical response to bring on a player with real pace – ie, Redmond – and get him running into all the space behind the Cardiff defence. It took Hughton and his coaches 28 minutes to recognise this and bring him on.Our second-half performance was poor yesterday and Hughton was the man who could''ve done something about this, much sooner, and much more decisively.
  4. To the tune of Ms Jackson by OutKast [I''m sorry Ms Jackson etc] Simeon Jackson [Ooooh] You are for REAL Bring him on and watch the Binners cry Scored a hattrick, up the league we fly Let''s give it an outing at Vicarage Road!
  5. Sorry about the breaks, I''ve not posted before...
  6. Have I missed any professional contracts out? Even if I have, this is an unbelievably thin group of players. Roeder better have an amazing master plan, and the board better have some serious money, because we''re going to need at least 10 signings to make a squad that can survive in the championship. If Roeder really has got a coherent three-year plan, it would be great to see proper signings and not another season of fire-fighting with short-term loan signings. 14 players under contract Goalkeepers David Marshall, Matthew Gilks Defenders Jason Shackell, Michael Spillane, Adam Drury, Jon Otsemobor Midfielders Darel Russell, Lee Croft, Luke Chadwick, Matty Pattison, Robert Eagle, Damon Lathrope Forwards Jamie Cureton, Chris Martin Still to sign new contracts: Gary Doherty, Mark Fotheringham Still out on loan: Simon Lappin
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