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  1. He writes the fans eye column in edp so thought you might be interested in his views
  2. Adam Aiken is a guest on Future Radio today 10.30am - feel free to join in with comments and texts either via the messenger www.futureradio.co.uk studio@futureradio.co.uk or text 60066 if you text then remember to put the word "future" before your messageAlso giving away match tickets today 96.8fm or listen on line
  3. If fans want to have their own say on the club via Future Radio they can e mail sport@futureradio.co.uk to get on air
  4. In a remarkably frank and candid interview on Future Radio with Tim MacWilliam, John Tilson accuses the football club of a U turn with the arrival of three new Directors and reveals his own straight talking points of view on the coming season Listen or download the interview here http://www.futureradio.co.uk/audio/by/title/johntilsonjuly09timmac
  5. John Tilson was a guest on Future Radio earlier this week (before the Directors stood down) you can listen or download the interview here http://www.futureradio.co.uk/podcast/2009/may/communitychestinterviewjohntillson
  6. Tomorrow (Saturday) from 11am until 12 noon our sports show is devoted completely to Norwich City - We have John Tilson as a studio guest and David Powles (Fans Eye Evening News)We would love your messages and comment re the current situation of the club especially the new management team. Anyone can text or message into the show via www.futureradio.co.uk or a text to 60066 with the word "future" at the start of the message You can hear the show in Norwich on 96.9FM or if the signal is weak where you are we stream live on our website www.futureradio.co.uk then click on listen live
  7. Pink un posters may be interested to know that John Tilson is a guest on the sport show this Saturday (24th Jan) from 11am until 12 noon on 96.9FM or if the signal is weak in your area go to www.futureradio.co.uk and click on the listen live button - all questions welcome!
  8. Jerry Goss was a guest at Future Radio today and talked openly on the managerial  situation,  how he would love a coaching role and the best way forward for the ClubHe also spoke about the difficulties he had with Martin O Neil and disappointment when Mike Walker left for Everton.Listen to the interview here http://futureradiofm.podbean.com/
  9. This is a more direct link http://futureradiofm.podbean.com/2008/12/17/neil-doncaster-talks-with-tim-macwilliam-on-community-chest/
  10. Neil Doncaster was a guest on Future Radio''s mid morning show this week. He talks about the life, times and difficulties of being in the firing line at Carrow Road. Neil also fields questions from contributers and listeners The full interview is available here http://futureradiofm.podbean.com/
  11. Don''t forget to send in those questions for Neil Doncaster Thank you!  sport@futureradio.co.uk
  12. If anyone would like to have their views aired about this matter on the radio away from Canary Call send in your thoughts to sport@futureradio.co.uk a new direct link to the John Tilson interview is now available at http://podcast.futureradio.co.uk/2008/10/06/john-tilson-with-tim-macwilliam-community-chest-monday-6th-october-2008/
  13. John Tilson talks openly and frankly about his concerns on the future of Norwich City on and off the field. He gives his views on the match against Derby; the loan players; the board of Directors and at what point NCISA should make their concerns known to the Club.   Too down beat and negative or is it accurate and to the point – Have a listen   You can access the interview here (17 minutes) http://podcast.futureradio.co.uk/  
  14. [quote user="buddhaboy"]T-man, ive worked with future radio, still think its shi*[/quote]Youv''e worked with Future Radio? Really did you do a show or stuff behind the scenes or paid work. Be interested to know
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