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  1. If he does this to me will show how much faith the players have in the manager and back room staff.
  2. Think we need to keep hold of all our players at the moment. when the new manager comes in he can then hopefully play some decent football with a very strong squad which is being made to look very ordinary at the minute. I think hoots should not be left to decide on our players futures especially after watching the treatment of some of our squad. You won''t get wes back once he''s gone so let our new man decide that. (Wishful thinking a new manager I guess)
  3. Tbh not a lot but it''s organised and keep you on your toes also gives you that professional look that what we are doing we are all in it together. It''s just not what you want to see people lashing the ball at a player in goal who''s not a keeper and could possibly get injured. We use to do it to keep warm and to show we were organised set up.
  4. After hanging my boots up after 20 years in the game I can promise you it''s not dated it''s called being professional in what you do. This thread was about fundamentals which mean all the things that make this club operate professional. I was pointing out the fact than there was no organisation at half time and before the game for the subs. Also just doesn''t look like ch is as authoritative as the previous manager. This is only my opion.
  5. Don''t have a problem with the relaxed approach but trying to highlight the discipline with in the squad. If you want to be on top of your game you really need to be disciplined and have a leader who make sure your ready for the job. This also brings confidence to you from the manager or coach who have you fired up and focused. I don''t think ch and his staff are disciplined enough and have the numbers in there staff to take this club to the next level. Also obviously the relaxed approach isn''t working if your all saying this is what ch is doing at Norwich. To watch the subs smash the ball in the net when they are not warmed up I would say it''s poor preparation at any level.
  6. True. Just doest look organised and show lack of staff.
  7. Disagree t. For one this was in place when lambert was here a fitness coach look after the subs at half time. It might of been a bit of keep ball or sprints across the pitch but at least it was organised and kept players on there toes. Being focused and with the right attitude all go a long way in being the best you can be.
  8. Discipline is a massive part of the game today. Any player who sit on the bench then start lashing the ball at the goal risks an injury. Just not what I''m use to and thought it would be the same through out the football league. If your mind set right it sets you up better for the challenge in front of you and gives you a chance as you will be more focused.
  9. No but trust me semi pro only means you hold a job as well as playing Saturday Tuesday. So you think players going in goal at half time and a fellow pro smashing the ball at you is ok? Just to let you know playing in the southern conference with full time pros you do learn a lot. Just saying
  10. After hanging my boots up this year I decided to follow the team who I supported since I was 5 years old. After watching Norwich on a few of occasions this year it was alarming to see a pro set up operating in this manner. After playing for Cambridge city and seeing how a semi pro club work I was shocked and would have thought getting the fundamentals right at any level is a must. But who am I only posting once in five years.
  11. Norwich need to get there house in order if you watch the team warm up the subs are not drilled by anyone also at half time the subs are just lashing the ball to each other or doing crossbar challenge. Under a certain manager there was a fitness coach drilling the subs at halftime and before the game. This wouldn''t happen at Any other prem team. Also who work with our strikers and wingers on a daily basis?
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