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  1. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]with crofty and semmy doing their usual ''headless'' chicken double act down the right yesterday - semmy can''t stop the crosses while crofty can''t cross - wouldn''t city be better off with a decent unhurried right back who knows his job, and david bell taking crofty''s right wing berth as first choice???we all know that crofty has improved no end this season, and he''s a trier - make no mistake,,,but without a final third threat, he''s all bluster...bell came on with 10 mins left, and put over an absolute peach of a cross pin point onto rusty''s bonce to angle one in past a flailing keeper,,,top, top stuff...i regret to suggest crofty could try 30 of them and miss a yellow shirt every time...in short,,,as suspected - bell is much happier on the right wing,,,and i for one am happy for the boy to stay there...he gets the nod over crofty every time for me>>>[/quote]Nuts i tell you absolutely NUTS, Bell is a useless lump,  cant cross, cant run with the ball and cant pass, he always loses it.  he rarely has anything go right, get rid of him.......

  2. So shut up moaning and groaning about Roeder and Delia and make some bloody noise and get behind the team and especially Brian Gunn.  He need us and we need to show our appreciation for a legend stepping in to help the team out and take controll until we find a new manager. So at the game tomorrow, lets sing, shout, chant, dance, do whatever it takes to make Carrow Road a rowdy fortress again and prove to that team that we are still behind them.   DO I GET A HELL YEH?????

  3. Have you people stopped getting at them???  Because up until this happened with Roeder you lot were calling for the board to be sacked etc. So how long before you get on their backs again?.  You lot wont be happy with the next manager and then you will turn on certain players again. then we will be right back in this situation in 12 months time. (if we stay in the championship).  Why dont you start supporting this club instead of your 2 faces of evil that supporters seem to carry. I have heard a lot of talk about the players are down because the supporters are booing. well prove them wrong.

  4. The thing is, when Norwich won the league you all worshipped the ground Worthington walked on.  You all stood outside city hall and clapped and cheered and followed the open top bus tour.  (aaaaaahhhhh those were the days) lol.  but when it all went wrong you stabbed him in the back.  For me the start of this down spiral was Peter Grant. No hope, no experience, no people skills and no clue how to build a team. This is what Roeder inherited, a poor bare bones team and broken promises of money and support from the board. And now when it is going wrong again, you turn your backs and get at Roeder, the board and the club. need i say more?

  5. "Norwich''s injured-ravaged wideman Luke Chadwick revealed yesterday he

    had to leave Carrow Road to kick start his career at MK Dons.The

    28-year-old signed a two-and-a-half year contract after agreeing a free

    transfer switch to Roberto Di Matteo''s League One title challengers."Is this how Norwich do business?  How is this club supposed to keep afloat and away from Administration etc if Norwich Contracted players leave on FREE transfers?  Yet again no money for a city player.  If Fotheringham leaves then we wont get much for him and if Croft goes then i cant see multi millions paid for him either.  Croft for me would be the end of my support for this club.  It looks like we are gonna be a loaner club for fringe players. GOD HELP US!I really hope City have some big targets coming here in the next month otherwise we are done for.oh yeh, Happy new year to all the Pink Un Forum Posters.

  6. "Not so much of an opinion as an

    observation, but the bloke in front of me yesterday booed vociferously

    at half- time and full-time yesterday, and was wearing a West Ham badge

    on his lapel!!! I guess you can conclude from this that even the

    neutrals couldn''t stomach yesterday''s performance, or alternatively

    that people who''s business it is not are sticking their noses into our

    affairs"Ive got this from another thread called opinions on boooing.

    heres a good point that people seem to miss.  theres a large contingent

    of non Norwich City supporters attending home games.  this West ham fan

    for one,  i have personaly seen an Everton fan kicked out of the

    barclay for fighting at the derby match when they went 1 up. ive also

    seen various other club badges too. eg: Liverpool, man utd, newcastle, arsenal and even Sheff Wed. Is this then the case that these non committed city supporters are the ones instigating the booing etc compared to the actual norwich supporters that bleed green and yellow(happy or not).My point is, if your support is for another football team, then why are these people going to Carrow Road and booing them? isnt this a bit hypocritical in some cases??? So how many of you are NCFC 100% and how many of you are 50% or less support to the cause.

  7. IMO everything at Carrow Road on sunday was disgraceful.  the football, the referee and the linesmen and the fans.  It was too damn quiet there at the game. im not saying this is to blame for the state of the football but come on? What is it? are you all too fat and exhausted from Christmas dinner?  it was only noisey when the boo boys woke up and thats disgracefull at any football match.  No matter what is going wrong with this club and who people think is to blame, but i think for sundays performance that everyone is at fault and everyone should take a long hard look at themselves before blaming everyone else. its about time we showed everyone what fans are all about and what 25000 fans should sound like. whats the expression......."Lead by example"  and this goes for on and off the pitch.

  8. Just be happy for once will you. We got 3 valuable points.  It doesnt matter who it was against. but as usual theres always many that are never happy no matter what happens. If this club was to get a multimillionaire investor in and gave 50 million for players etc,  you still wouldnt be happy. but like Radio norfolk phone in suggested.  Its whingers whinging about whingers all the time. thats why i just laugh at you.  i thought it was a deserved and well needed 3 points in the bag, nothing more, nothing less.

  9. Just for a laugh and a bit of fun, does anyone think we can find a challenger for the Mackem Mover???  If you dont know what i am refering to then check this out. http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid958992159/bctid4660974001This is a dance of from Soccer AM between the Mackem Mover and the Geordie dancer.  I wanna know if we in Norwich can mount a challenge to this guy and actualy win something just for a bit of fun?  Do you think you have what it takes then lets hear about it? Does the Canary Fairy dance?  or maybe someone else. If you think so or know someone then what would you give them/yourself as a nickname?  please dont be a martyr in this is just for fun or is it? 

  10. For us it will be, get up, drink coffee, worry about Norwich and if they will give away a penalty, 2 or 3 goals or positively actualy win (HA HA) then get the trusty city shirt on, get in the car and get my ass to the ground for some serious abuse at the scum fans. as Kick off approaches, amid the noise and abuse......i will cross my fingers, toes and legs and hope that Norwich decide to turn up and play.(for a change)

  11. After reading the comments. "Adam Drury says it''s time for the talking to stop and ensure that actions speak louder than words" I think that Norwich will do exactly the same that they do every time Ipswich come to Carrow Road.  That is they will play their socks off and put on a performance in front of a rowdy city crowd.  They did this a year ago when Roeder took over.  They came out and played a blinder. But the concern is that they will play for this game just because of who the opposition is and then after that they will recline back into the same City that we have been whitnessing week in week out. I cant wait for the game on sunday just for the banter and the atmosphere.  If Norwich make a game of it then that is a bonus. theres no doubt 25000 fans are gonna raise the roof and theres gonna be some abuse shouted between the sets of supporters,  but that derby day. Im just concerned that the game on sunday will be a great game but can we seriously beat Ipswich with the recent rubbish performances??? and if Norwich do win (which i really hope we do) It will be that one off derby day effort. Maybe come January Norwich should clear out the Loanees and bring in some fresh ones who are willing to play for us and secure Championship Football next year cos thats the best we can desperately hope for based on the current form.

  12. [quote user="Jameswallis"]

    lol the lager is pretty poor...

    the entertainment was pretty rubbish and had me feeling really nervous for the kids doing the kick ups... i would have got to 26 and started to get wobbly!

    Can i also add that it''s slightly weird seeing all these jeering fans gorking at the 14/15 yr old cheerleaders... running without sports bras on... lol... one of the girls must have had black eyes that evening... too much? :)

    [/quote]The Aviva Divas are UEA students.  they are the UEA cheerleaders.  therefore they are over 16/17 and help the guys in the stands not to feel like perverts. wold you prefer 20+ Katie Prices on the pitch doing head high kicks????  lmao

  13. [quote user="pete_norw"]

    [quote user="barclay_canary"]Is this pick on Roeder week now?  are you people running out of Norwich City personnel to belittle???  Glen Roaeder is doing a job a Norwich City and the best he can.   when he was offered the job the board made promises they didnt keep.  he is trying to rebuild something that purely isnt there.  If you people have nothing better to do but pick a hole in everything Norwich City then id like to see you people try and do his job.  Why dont you wait for saturday and phone Neil Adams at Radio Norfolk and talk crap on there like the rest of them. [/quote]

    snap/bump what ever, Roeder is trying to make the best out of nothing, no money and he was told he could spend, none of us like loan players, 

    [/quote]Loan players are better than no players. Can you find anyone who isnt over the moon about Leroy Lita being here?

  14. I wonder if anyone else who attends the home games has found that the Prematch and halftime entertainment sucks lately.  What was the point of the kids and the utterly pointless keepy uppy challenge?  It was won by a tie break question.  how seriously boring and unfair is that.  I take nothing away from those kids as they showed some good talent in keeping the ball up for 20 or 30 kicks.  Well done on that part. its certainly more than i can do.  lol.  Anyways my point is this.  it is boring and needs a rethink once again. Last year i raised this issue with great responses and suggestions.  Eventually the roll the ball thing was scrapped and the Crossbar Challenge brought back.  This would be better than nothing.  As for the Aviva Diva''s. holy crap they suck.  they aint in syc with each other and the routine is remoniscent of a night club brawl.  Its good for Norwich to have Cheerleaders etc but c''mon they can be better than that.   So heres the point.  What would you folks like to see going on around the actual match? lets hear your ideas once again. Do you want something more interesting or you just dont care? either way what do you think?I think that the Crossbar challenge would be welcomed back anyday. and the diva''s should have a 5 a side game or a custard wrestling match in the centre circle. ok im joking on that.  I thought the mascots race was a laugh. How about Mascot Boxing?? Splat the cat thinking hes John Thaxton would be funny. How about 2 Fans from each side start at the halfway line, dribble the ball around some cones and try to score against the opposing mascot in goal? (this has been done at White hart lane). theres tone more but lets get yours?

  15. Is this pick on Roeder week now?  are you people running out of Norwich City personnel to belittle???  Glen Roaeder is doing a job a Norwich City and the best he can.   when he was offered the job the board made promises they didnt keep.  he is trying to rebuild something that purely isnt there.  If you people have nothing better to do but pick a hole in everything Norwich City then id like to see you people try and do his job.  Why dont you wait for saturday and phone Neil Adams at Radio Norfolk and talk crap on there like the rest of them.
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