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  1. Unless I have missed it, there has not been one soundbite from our new board or CE, I am amazed that they do not feel that any response to the match is required, I am one of those who had never left early before, ever, but left at half time on Saturday. At the time I was sure that the anger that I was witnessing from all ages of city fan would have to merit a substantial response/apology/refund by the board and yet nothing. Am I alone in thinking that they should comment on the scenes witnessed on Sat?
  2. [quote user="barryevans"]yawn[/quote]Sorry to bore you Barry, sure that if I spent as much time here as u I might get bored too, but I havent got bored reading the rebate posts having actually been out of my house and having spoken to real people lately. Its responses like yours that puts me off visiting what you seem to think is your own private social club. Anyway good luck with holding a real conversation with someone one day.
  3. There is no alternative whilst the current regime remains in place, Why Foulger wouldnt just put in 1mill if he can afford to? The attempt to morally blackmail me into not claiming a rebate was the final straw. It really is a sad state of affairs when as a fan I feel so much anger towards the people running the club I love.
  4. I do not buy any of this crap that the club is committed to staying up. I do not believe that they have remained focussed on the task of staying up and have refused to think about relegation. it is my opinion that when they sacked Roeder they knew that they it had all gone Fubar. The appointment of Gunn alongside his new management team all smack of league 1 ambitions, along with the purchase of Cody mcDonald who will do very well in league 1. Bryan Gunns soundbites about the return of Huckerby again is preparation for league 1 not survival.It is my firm opinion that the board has set itself for the challenge of league 1 and is not even thinking about survival. after yesterday I too find it hard to think about survival, if only the club had shown some ambition about staying up rather than throwing in the towel half way through a season. I know we do not have a knight in shining armour, (I wish we did) I know we have to make do with the board we have, I will continue to support the club, but surely I can still despise this board for what they have done to my club?
  5. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]If Tilly and co or someone else arranged a protest who would actually back it, and before I get shot down with "its not the right time-they need our support" im just genuinely curious.[/quote]Yes. I would.
  6. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]If Tilly and co or someone else arranged a protest who would actually back it, and before I get shot down with "its not the right time-they need our support" im just genuinely curious.[/quote]Yes. I would.
  7. Listen, I know that the Chase reign was not peaches and cream, however look at where we are now. I have read many posters who have reminisced about the Chase out campaigns and how badly people wanted him out. I understand why that happened, what I do not get is that he did leave us with some valuable physical assets that have come to the clubs financial rescue whilst under the poor stewardship that we are under now. Delia on the other hand has sold all of the assets, has stripped the playing staff to a point whereby we do not own a playing squad that can produce a starting 11 without help from loan signings. She has now been party to our darkest hours in 50 years, with us on the brink of relegation. Yet still she nor any of the current boad get anywhere near the hostility or impassioned pleas to go away that Chase was in receipt of. I do not know why this is the case. I for one would prefer to see the return of Chase, at least he left us with something. Delia has stripped everything away.
  8. [quote user="Iwan!"][Good constructive comment - just what''s needed.] Well it made me feel better. To be honest it sums up my feelings much better than half the lengthy drawn out appraisals of our position that I have read on here.
  9. You have taken something that was not yours and destroyed it! Show some honour come out apologise and then f**k off.
  11. Maybe my chest would stop hurting if I turn off the radio?
  12. [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="Marty"]time is dragging, I don''t know what to do, i''m off for a shave! might as well use my time wisely rather than sit in a state of panic by my pc.[/quote] Never mind a shave I need a s*it !! [/quote]I don''t anymore
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