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  1. Does anyone know if there will be an away season ticket for next season? So that you can have guaranteed tickets for each away game. Not sure how it works, or the cost, but trying to get some info. On the site, I can only see the season ticket prices for Carrow Road. Allocations will be small, so if I can get an away season ticket I will. Cheers
  2. My first ever Pinkun prediction! Manchester United to Beat Bolton is my selection Put that in with Chelsea to beat Stoke and Arsenal to beat Hull, and it''s a very easy treble!!
  3. well donme Glen The most important of the lot out of the loan players, considering drury won''t feature again for long time OTBC
  4. After reading so many of the posts and giving it a lot of thought, I felt I had to post something on here. I went to Charlton in the frame of mind we had in so many away games under Worthy. I knew we would not get anything, and I actually think this is unacceptable. How can we effectively write off half of the season''s games, because we can''t perform away from home?!  Everyone at the club seems to have almost accepted this!! Having sold some excellent talent, it is only fair to allow the new guys to settle in and gel. But, I do wonder if these players are the ones that Grant wanted. Are the tight purse strings holding him back? Granted, every manager wants more money. But, Grant felt he had to keep supporter''s hopes alive by suggesting Sharp etc coming in. After looking at the clubs finances released today, and the curent state of the club, I feel there is no alternative but to seek further investment. The Board tried to make things seem more exciting with the Turner''s loan. But, this is precisely what it was!  a loan to cover costs. And considering we are in debt, what difference would 2 million make?  nothing other than buying time with the fans. Unfortunately for the Board, the time is up. The fans realise they are being fobbed off with unacceptable performances on the pitch, as a result on inadequacies off it. Delia, to steal your phrase, ''Let''s be avin you''. We saw/heard plenty of you when we were in the Premiership. Now we want an explanation. Where is the club going, as I feel at the moment, we have absoutely no direction.
  5. not on any tv stations no. Seeing as it''s Champions League again now, they have plenty of games to pick from!! Not sure why Charlton asked for an 8pm kick off though.
  6. Seems like Rose of Denmark is best bet. I am pretty sure it is 8pm kick off. The City sites say 7.45pm But, I read that it has been changed to 8pm, a request made by Charlton. 99% sure it is 8pm.
  7. With an 8pm kick off, it means we have time for a few drinks beforehand! Anyone know the best ''away'' pubs to go to before the game? Not been to Charlton before, so unsure about the area. Lets get behind the lads tomorrow, create a top atmosphere and hopefully we can get the win!  
  8. For tomorrow''s game, seeing as it is an 8pm kick off, time for a couple before the match! Not been ''away'' to Charlton before, so unsure on the pub situation! Anyone know the best pub to go to for away fans?? Hopefully we can get a good atmosphere going tomorrow, and see a good performance! Cheers
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