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  1. No qualifications, no experience, no hope. how far we will fall
  2. Guess what we lost yesterday so sack everyone from Delia to 1st year apprentice. If we had won it would be promotion. Bring back the has been who contributed next to nothing next year. We are a happy bunch. Enjoy
  3. I agree with Mr Magoo. Huckerby is best suited to where he is and let''s support the management. I think that we should bring back Bobby Brennan
  4. I am sure of the fact he appreciates the numbers that turn up at Carrow Road - always one looking for the negative!
  5. I will not express my pleasure on the changes we are seeing on the pitch but just point out two incidents on Tuesday that summed up the changes at Carrow Road: 1) When the announcement of the attendance was announced the first person to clap was Glen Roeder - what a change for a manager to appreciate the crowd. 2) When Huckerby put the penalty away Roeder put his arms around Jamie Cureton in a very supportive manner to a player who is low on confidence - what a gesture. I feel that the board must be congratulated on their selection of a manager we all were weary of and his selection of assistant manager and coach. I have a bet that we will finish higher than Ipswich and am looking forward to collecting      
  6. Week One: one experienced and respected Manager, one potential good Assistant Manager (compared to Duffy and Livermore) and an excellent loan signing. Not a bad satrt   Week Two: Two home wins and a couple more quality loan signings!!!
  7. I do feel that we must show are feelings and stay away from the next two home games - Watford, managed by ex city Boothroyd with Hunter and Malky who happen to be top of the table and the Ipswich game, the humiliation will  be too much to take. I think I shall just take a holiday - Italy or somewhere    
  8. Watching our Manager on Tuesday night showed to me what is wrong. When we did have a corner nearly all the players looked toward the bench to see where they should be positioned. When one was not in his allocated square foot of the pitch PG would shout, point, wave or articulate to try and get them there. If he did not succeed then he would fold his arms, pout and sit down on the bench with his toys that had been thrown out of the pram. Thirty seconds later he would be standing again and starting over. I do feel that he should sit in the directors box (or the Holiday Inn!) and let the players play. They are seasoned professionals and if the preparation is right then anything going wrong can be sorted at half time. As an afterthought, why do all the subs spend half time gentle kicking a ball around rather than being in the dressing romm listening to the directions for the second half! Perhaps there arn''t any.      
  9. Having read many of the recent comments it is wonderful to see the concern that the supporters feel. The board will not and cannot afford to get rid of Peter Grant at this stage - we are not as rich as QPR - we have all had time to vent our feelings and i am sure they have been taken on board. Now is the time as a true supporter to SUPPORT what we have. I am positive that we will then get a reaction from the players. If they are continually being told how poor they are how are they to react, many have only just moved to the area and despite PG will form a bond. On Tuesday let us support the team and ignore Mr Grant. "If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way"       Napolean Hill    
  10. Norwich were always a club that played attractive football, gave youth a chance whcich is why we were always able to sign good young players. They came here knowing that they would have every opportunity to progress and move on to a higher club. What do we have now. A very good Academy set up but totally ignored by this and the previous manager. Players brought in who probably had to get a map out to find where Norwich is as such show great commitment to the club. I was taken to my first match in 1959 by my late mum and dad for the home tie in the cup as my elder brother had chicken pox. My mum and dad followed them everywhere and were very proud of saying we support Norwich City. Since that date i have been an avid Norwich fan and taken all my children to see them.. How proud we were of The Canaries and how I have always stuck up for them. Now i feel so let down and demoralised. There seems no passion, style of play (except from Dion and Darren) and whilst I am still proud of being a supporter and will never change I despair for the future. I would rather see us relegated and then appoint someone who can re-establish the style and pride that Worthington and Grant have so cheapened. Bring in the youngesters and play them with the seasoned heads so they develop for the future. So what if we lose at least we will have the pide in Norwich back again. So come on the Board of Directors - Direct us to the future, the Manager to Manage the present and the Players to PLAY. Am I that depressed?    
  11. Following the passing of Nigel Worthington I was looking forward to the road ahead - shame Peter Grant has not got Sat Nav. I felt when he played for us he was past his best and now as Manager he has the same credentials, blaming everyone for his own lack of experience. How can we explain we are the envy of many a Premier league club with our gates then we are told by our manager that we cannot compete with other Championship teams financially! What has he achieved - 1) Goalkeepers - two Scottish and we know of their reputations. One promising youngster fed out to a lower league team without a single chance at Norwich. Please note Kasper at Man City 2) Fullbacks - excellent purchase of Otsemober, no cover though and Mr Drury, slow and always beaten for pace. Why not move Simon Lapin there. 3) Centre halves - any comments needed. Gary Donkerty worth a goal per match for the opposition. We have needed one for two years but the only area with no purchases. 4) Midfield - two tackling midfiled players with no creative bone in their bodies. 5) Up front - Chris Brown the replacement for Dean Coney, at least he scored once. Instead of a bet on the first goal should be for where the ball will bounce of his head. Cureton must be rested after playing 1 game in two and a half weeks. David the Cheque opening goal not enough to get a start, Chris Martin play him on the left wing (Isn''t Michael Owen pleased he is not at Norwich). 5) The Academy - get rid of and save money. You will never be given a chance at Norwich. The team is Structured around Gary Donkerty, Sat Nav (Mr Chadwick who seems to run anywhere whilst having his head facing the dugout and head it anywhere Dean Coney Brown. Meanwhile our Manager is more concerned about which inch each player is occupying on the pitch. He at least is more entertaining to watch than the team is. It is a sad situation but as my son said to me he does not get aggitated anymore he is just waiting for Grant and Norwich to part by mutual consent and then wait for the next appointment. Perhaps one that is climbing the league.        
  12. If this is all you have to worry about then I think you need to rethink life. Why change just for change sake. The Pink''un has been sent all over the world, including to myself.  I ask the question should we change from yellow and green as green is meant to be an unlucky colour.
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