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  1. [quote user="king of latvia"] just a question or two, how many chairman reply to emails that fans send. ?  mr doncaster does. how many chairman stand outside the away end after the game when norwich play away and thank fans for coming.?  mr munby does. so i feel we are very lucky to have a board which cares about the club and its fans. [/quote] One thing you didn''t mention. Munby is getting paid as chairman. If i was getting the money they do i would stand outside every away game and do the same. They show no ambition and thats not just coming from me, thats from the players and you know you they are. They are quite happy with us just getting by in this division, getting paid a lot of money and think they are doing a good job. If they were serious about us getting promotion they would be putting pressure on Grant and co to get better quality players, and keeping the best players at the club. While munby and doncaster re-main at the club we will continue just to be a mid table team in the championship. You happy with that, cause i aint!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. [quote user="pete"]How long should we give Munby before we decide he is not up to the job.  Personally this for me was a long time ago and take Doncaster with you. [/quote] Couldn''t agree more. What this has just said to me is that we are not strong enough to get promoted with the current squad, and to give grant all this season to build the team up. 
  3. Everyone should give Ashton, Green and Bellamy a very warm welcome back to carrow road. They were all superb players while they were here and all three of them are seen in norwich quite frequently, visiting family and friends here or might still own property down here. I hope they all have a great season and greeno and ashton get back into the england squad soon. Will also be nice to see Parker and Davenport too! Just wondering if PG will have a word with Lee Bowyer about signing for us while he is here? I can wish can''t i?
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