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  1. so tell me how many clean sheets have we kept this season?? It beggars belief people cannot see the real problem we are joint 9th top scorers with a decent defence thats playoff standard. God wake up!! So if we have a nice little 15-20 goal season striker and he gets injured a la Earnie, and all our eggs are in that one basket, what then?? I would rather have 3 or 4 players on 8 goals and the rest piling in that way the opposition doesnt have one man to focus on he has the threat of the whole team pushing with an attacking mentality. by the way joint 2nd worse goal difference drawing with watford only charlton have conceded more THE FACTS DONT LIE!!!!!!!
  2. lita was. with 7?? i believe. But whats the use in Norwich having a 15-20 goal a season striker when with the defence being so poor we would finish in the bottom mid table at best, and sell him to make a small short term profit, as always in recent years. Lets face it we are a stepping stone to decent players to prove their worth and without re investing the money from sales how can u expect anything less than a jamie cureton. We will never have a 15-20 goal striker come here without positive investment in the rest of the squad. For gods sake even clinton morrison, billy sharp and luke varney turned us down and theyve been hardly prolific. And before people start banging on about money, surely if we had a decent chance of promotion they would get that sought after pay packet. Can you honestly say that if we´d have put a bit of money into the team then Charlton, Coventry and Sheffield United would have been considered bigger or better clubs than us.
  3. Yes i agree to a point. But our problem has not been scoring goals, its been defending. With what miniscule funds we have left we need to build from the back. Its no use in having to pile the pressure on a striker to score more than our leaky defence concedes! We havnt really gone many games without scoring and didnt west brom finish second the year we won the league by winning games 1-0.
  4. Saw this and it made mefeel depressed. "I went down to Huddersfield the other day and I was so  impressed with the set-up; it would probably embarrass some teams in a higher division. There is an incredible feel-good factor around the place. Lee Clark has brought in Terry McDermott, Derek Fazackerley and Paul Stephenson so there is a big Newcastle United influence, but it was noticeable how much the club is united behind the manager. They have invested money (on Anthony Pilkington for example) and Lee has been given the chance to bring the players - and the backroom staff - that he wants. Sometimes when a club brings in a young manager he has to operate with his hands tied behind his back, but Huddersfield have really put their faith in Lee. They want to make sure he has no excuses and that they help him in whichever way they can. It''s a long time since Huddersfield made that sort of commitment and the new owner has made a great decision. The fans should be very excited about the direction the club is going in. Lee was a good number two because of his personality, he''s a real fun-loving guy and an infectious character to have in the dressing room. So it was interesting when I interviewed him last week. Before the interview he was laughing and joking, but when the camera was turned on all of his media training kicked in and he was saying all of the right things in the right order. He realises there is a time and a place for concentration and he seems to have struck the balance very well." Nice to see that a club that should have less money, has less support and an in-experienced management team is backed properly, and Lee seems alot happier there than he ever did here. Theres a good chance that they will turn us over next season as i fully expect us to struggle. I especially love the part about young managers having their hands tied behind their backs when it comes to building a squad, and its a shame because Gunn will never be able to show us his true managerial nouse at this backwards club. Maybe he should look to jump ship to another huddersfield-like club if he gets the chance, we would surely struggle to attract anybody to the club if we stay up or not. Gunn has an impossible task on his hands anyway to keep the few good players we have left.
  5. watford have won again surely we should be able to turn blackpool over wen we go there
  6. Sad to think that saints have the chance to over take us now. Pathetic!! We lack direction, leadership and a decent striker and i think the fact that if things stay as they are charlton can close the gap to 4 point on us with their game in hand. Hell, we could finish bottom!! would probably be considered poetic justice after last years miracle.
  7. brum are losing too and reading are losing 2-0 at home to bristol. Seems like last season that no one wants to win the league. Am having problems with world so how are we playing as i cant listen.
  8. not a good day well it rounds off a bad week for me any how. I still predict one from bottom we´ll finish just like we did in the prem except i think southampton will be above us on this occasion.
  9. we wont finish above forest theyve got a much better younger squad, and let in less goals. Their season really started when billy davies took over. And as to these people that say "all we have to do is win our next 2 home games" dream on IF is the biggest word in the dictionary. 8 wins all season is shocking and hope alone cannot dismiss the facts that there is nothing else new going to happen to the club in the next few weeks as in players and coaching staff, and what weve got simply isnt good enough. So whats gonna change and how? League One here we come
  10. Gunn said he was happy with the performance and disappointed with the result. Did we actuall have more than one deflected shot on target? But then contradicts himself with things he wasnt happy with?? like the marking. (surely that makes it another bad performance even if only for the defence!) Reckons that when Hooly went down it might have been a penalty, but the players didn´t appeal for it and Neil Adams said it wasn´t maybe its just desperate wishful thinking
  11. Neil Adams sounds like he´s clutching at straws when he starts telling callers ............6 wins..................18 points..............and he thinks we will just stay up. But 8 wins all season and the team we have now is it. The defence will see us comfortably relegated
  12. Canary call sounds all doom and gloom like on here and you have to say it is with good reason
  13. do you now whats really sad?? Its the fact that i find myself wishing for Championship football next year (for obvious reasons considering the alternative), and we should be aiming for the play-offs, just shows how much standards have slipped in all aspects of the club in the last 3-4 years.
  14. what to try and drown the sorrows?? Its gonna be an expensive night if thats the case
  15. and we didn´t deserve anything more from ehat i heard and what Neil said. Their keeper made one real save and that was it.
  16. Yes or no answer after listening to Preston ease past us today. I didn´t think so last week but now looking at the table and the way were playing i think we will finish one from bottom now
  17. but with pattison deemed not good enough at the moment and clingan injured who else is there??
  18. good substitution hooly off for carney but with 13 minutes to go and for me its too late should have been done latest on 60 mins
  19. We have plymouth at home next month so hopefully thats at least one win from the seven thats needed
  20. i think that this will finish 1 or 2-0 to preston plymouth 2-0 down now though
  21. so we bring killen on for gow!! surely carney should be on for hooly
  22. who thinks that Gunn waits too long to make the substitute?? I think that 20 mins left in the game isn´t sufficient time to make an impact we sound clueless
  23. i agree he should. But he needs motivation and competition provides this. He doesn´t care about Norwich the way the fans do and therefore probably has nothing to lose short term if he becomes lazy.
  24. I´ll tell you the problem he has no competition! He is the only recpgnised professional right back at the club. Why should he bother putting effort in he´s getting paid for being lazy and no one is here to challenge him for his place.
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