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  1. Signing off from this thread as wasted far too much time today on it and done no work. Wont be replying to anymore. Enjoyable debate. Good night all.
  2. im not avoiding it, just done with replying to you. Yes, i have done one long haul flight since and I took plenty of precautions.
  3. No mask mandate? Sweden's Covid rates have thru the floor for months. Texas and Florida no mask mandate, California mandatory masks. Identical Covid rates. Do you people honestly not know this? As I suspect you get all your info from Boris, BBC and Dr Hilary.
  4. "6. Utter bxllocks! Please show me the evidence for 20'000 vaccination deaths UK report between 4 and 6! If you can't stop spreading lies. " I never specified UK. I am referring to worldwide.
  5. This is your problem Greavsy. No research done. Masks are and were useless and did nothing to affect the spread of Covid. Look at Texas, Florida and Sweden. Look at California and compare to Florida. One mandated masks, the other didnt. Near identical results. You cannot stop Covid. It is an unstoppable virus.
  6. Yeah I didnt say exactly like **** Germany. Pretty sure i said 'some resemblance'. And of course i was emphasising the point with the comparison. But no, I have to explain it like were in school.
  7. the mask thing really isnt up for debate anymore is it? Sweden, Florida etc. Masks are useless and have done nothing to affect the spread of Covid.
  8. Excuses? I dont think so pal. They are opinions, choices and facts. Which I am entitled to. I dont need a vaccine 99.7% wont die - FACT
  9. Thanks VR. Good response, as opposed to someone who called it 'drivel'. Who knows either way, all I do know is that I am not blindly believing everything the Govt and BBC tell me. I am erring on the side of caution.
  10. No Tilson. I had all the symptoms and was in a very bad way for 2 weeks, like an old man. So bad we called an ambulance as I couldnt breathe properly and was getting worse. Never had the flu in my life. Me and missus both had it, although she was far less affected. In actual fact, its possible that Covid doesnt actually exist as the virus has never been isolated supposedly, according to some. So your right, maybe I never had Covid. But im sure Dave down the boozer, who got a positive PCR test after shoving it up his a$$ but had zero symptoms, probably had Covid and so has more qualified insight than me.
  11. It 'drastically' lessens you being hospitalised? Didnt Vallance say 40% of current Covid hospitalisations are the Vaxxed? Well, he actually said 60% but then back tracked on twitter. I also saw a video on Sky News Australia today that said something like 150 people currently in hospital with Covid, 149 of which are fully vaccinated.
  12. So I take it everyone on here is completely ok with the UK Govt forcing people to take a pharmaceutical vaccine they do not need, 'for their health'.
  13. Answered Greavsy. It was terrible. Again, I am far from a Covid denier. I just question the Govt response as it seems like there is an agenda going on. Lord Falconer saying "Covid is the gift that keeps on giving" doesnt help.
  14. Why do you presume that I am scared Ken? These are my reasons for not taking the vaccine, and being scared isnt one of them. 1. I've already had Covid so I dont need a vaccine 2. I do not partake in pharmaceutical intervention for illnesses, nor will I ever become dependant on prescription medication like most 3. I do not trust an industry invented by the Rockefellers to erase natural medicine and enslave mankind with pharmaceutical drugs as the only cure of disease, which has also had been fined billions and billions of dollars for malpractice 4. I also do not trust a single word any Govt or Govt appointed person has to say with regards to my health. I do not believe the Govt and Big Pharma give a single sh&t whether I live or die or not 5. Due to my medical history of previously having a Pulmonary Embolism on my lung (blood clot) and given the numerous reports of blood clots following the vaccine, to the point that some countries banned the AZ jab due to blood clot fears, along with prior Covid infection, I see no point in taking the risk on a vaccine I do not need, but that could potentially cause me harm, for something 99.7% wont die from 6. The 20,000 vaccine deaths and 2million adverse reactions, that are all put down as purely coincidental and not vaccine related, is enough for me to question whether Boris, Hancock and Big Pharma really have my best interests at heart. 7. I do not believe that for a virus that 99.7% of people WILL NOT DIE FROM, that a vaccine with no long term side effects studies done, is necessary. Especially for someone like myself who has already had Covid. I think thats enough reasons.
  15. whys that LDC? Its an entirely logical comment. I'll repeat it again slowly for the hard of thinking. If you are fully vaxxed, and never actually had Covid, you could still get Covid and pass it on. Because being fully vaxxed doesnt stop you a) getting Covid or b) passing it on. It only lessens the chance of dying from it. If, however, you are unvaxxed, but have previously had Covid and have natural immunity and anti-bodies, due to the extremely limited data on reinfection it is highly unlikely that, having previously had Covid, that you will get it again and pass it on to others. So, the vaxxed, never had Covid % of people are more likely to get Covid and pass it on, than the unvaxxed prior Covid positive. Logically and factually correct.
  16. I wasnt tested at all. I did however call out an ambulance as my breathing was getting worse. I have never had the flu in my life, but Covid hit me for 6 for two weeks. I had all the symptoms. Paramedics said I probably have Covid, but they coudnt take me to hospital because I wasnt at deaths door (which was a relief as I really didnt want to go anyway). Im not a Covid denier, I had it and it was awful, and I can see how old people or the vulnerable can easily die from it. I do however question the Govt response, and certainly dont trust the way things are currently headed. Far to much resemblance to **** Germany for my liking. Time will tell, the sheep will wake up and smell the coffee one day.
  17. 17 cases. Out of 7.8billion people. Since August 2020. What about this are you struggling with LDC?
  18. Whys that Ken? Because I dared to suggest that "you can get doubly infected with 2 variants of Covid" is utter nonsense?
  19. Why are you worried City 2nd. Surely the vaccines work and you're safe? And im referring primarily to myself, as I have had Covid, so will not be sitting next to anyone and infecting them with Covid. As a matter of fact, if your double vaxxed, you can still get Covid and pass it on. So if you're vaxxed, having never had Covid, dont you pose more of a threat to people than myself?
  20. yeah i dont think so VW, but thanks for your input. https://jim.bmj.com/content/69/6/1253 Ill make it even easier for you, just click below and start reading..if you can read. https://www.google.com/search?q=covid+reinfection+worldwide+data&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB862GB862&ei=D0gAYdXBDZ6k1fAPkrOr-Ag&oq=covid+reinfection+worldwide+data&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAxKBAhBGABQAFgAYP8kaABwAngAgAFxiAFxkgEDMC4xmAEAqgEHZ3dzLXdpesABAQ&sclient=gws-wiz&ved=0ahUKEwiVhanc6IPyAhUeUhUIHZLZCo8Q4dUDCA8
  21. What I do understand LDC is that since the pandemic started there is little documented evidence worldwide that confirms Covid reinfection, no matter the variants, is a thing. If you still believe its possible, click on the below, and do some other googling while your at it and then check back in and say again if you think its ignorance/denial. https://jim.bmj.com/content/69/6/1253
  22. Whatever my real name is? Yeah thats a good one 'Graham Paddons Beard'. I suggested a long time ago that this msgboard would be better if we all had to login under our real names. And I was only one to do so. Every one else bottled it and refused to ditch there anonymous profile. Funnily enough this same sentiment is currently doing the rounds re: Social Media, to stamp out racism and general online abuse. But no GPB, what a great point. And League 1? So your implying im an Ips...& fan ??? How very dare you.
  23. just read this again. Branston are you seriously suggesting that people are doubly infected with 2 variants of Covid 19? Did Dr Hilary tell you this? or maybe it was Neil Ferguson. Or Hancock. Care to provide some documentary evidence to back up your claim? More than happy to be proven wrong.
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