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  1. I know this will be controversial with those who like to hide from reality until it punches them in the face, but McNally has to shoulder the blame for the shambles we find ourselves in. Having fallen out with our previous manager as he became bigger and more successful than he was comfortable with, he appointed a man who he knew he could control better. Hughton was never, ever going to be a strong enough character to succeed the successes of the previous regime. McNally has taken the easy option until now to protect himself from admitting he got it wrong with the appointment. If Hughton isn''t out by Monday, I want McNally out. His ego has taken over, what he has achieved in the past is all well and good, but we need someone to take us forward and I personally don''t think he''s up to it at the moment. We''ve had championship standard club management over the last 12 months.
  2. Far from it. I''m hiding nothing. I was just refering to one particular aspect of his work that disappoints me. Perhaps you should revisit one or two recent interviews with Howson himself, because he feels that he was previously being asked to play a defensive role!
  3. Bless you ginger pele. You should buy the DVD of season 2012/13.
  4. After these last few games, I wonder if Houtghton now regrets playing Howson in a defensive midfield role, just in front of the defence for the majority of his tenure prior? What an idiot.
  5. Hughton allegedly signed Robert Snodgrass. If you can''t see that Houtghton likes to roll over and have his tummy tickled, I would suggest you revisit your reasoning for enjoying sport. You appear to be missing the whole point of it.
  6. Perhaps he took Whootons instruction to replace RVPony a little too literally.
  7. There is a massive difference between sportingly praising an opponent that you are expected to beat and telling everybody that you expect to get beaten. Wenger is a winner. Hughton is a loser. That is a fact.
  8.     What do we have to do as fans to get through to the board? I am shocked and amazed by what they have done this time. It was widely acknowledged that we needed to find unity within our club and work fast the make up the time that has been wasted before the parachute payments run out. We need a manager to lift the whole club and drive us foward. Delia said it had to be ''a winner''. it needed to be a man with a proven track record, or failing that a norwich ''legend'' who would excite the fans and at least buy him self some ''honeymoon'' time to make the right changes.What do we get... Peter ''the pointer Grant! An ex player who delivered nothing to the worst side i''ve ever witnessed in my lifetime. A player who had his last year of contract paid off to get him off the books seven years ago. Why? How? Who on earth were the other 99 applicants?!? There were high calibre people amongst them according to Mr Doncaster. Don''t get me wrong, I will be right behind him, because the negativity has to stop. I just can''t help showing my anger at the board. Why must we continue to sell ourselves short. This Norwich City, not Norwich United.
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