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  1. I agree Yankee Canary.  I enjoy reading some of the strongly worded opinions about Delia, etc but they do not seem to be reflective of the majority fans and, by that, I mean I have never heard any rumblings where I sit in the ground against Delia, the board or debate about who "owns the club". The reason for that is that most people go along and watch the games, support the team 100%, save most of the moaning for after the game (if it''s a poor performance or result) and get on with their lives.   That''s exactly what I do.  I am not saying everything is hunky dory, I get jarred of with it all at times but I still enjoy it for what it is.  Some of the posters with strong opinions may think I''m lacking in some way, or not critical enough of the club but that''s their opinion.  I would like to know if those posters that think Delia, the board should go etc, feel that their opinions represent the majority of fans'' views?  
  2. It''s also interesting that Robinson and Docherty, who have both spoke out about the performance at Plymouth and before regarding other poor games, are indicating that they are determined to put it right on Sunday.  The assumption from them is that they will be playing in the next game and this is another problem.  Players have no competition for their place, of course, there are youngsters that can/should come in, but certain players seem guaranteed a place, for whatever reason, and they know it!  I know the term comfort zone has been used a lot, but it''s very true and very unhealthy situation for NCFC...  
  3. You guys will not have seen me post on this site before bit this thread about Green being "mouthy" is just another example of the pathetic messages that appear on this website.  No doubt some of you will only be happy when we wave goodbye to Green because, let''s face it, you know him so well that you can disclose everything about him as a person and even tell us lot what he''s thinking and how he''s changed over the years.  Is this serious???? All I can say is get in the real world.   Some of the stuff I see on here shows that there are some real planks in amongst our "supporters".  No doubt I will get some flak for this message and preached to as though I am not worthy (pardon the pun) of giving my opinion but, hey, so what, I feel better for it.      
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