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  1. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]warnock overdid it as usual, but there was some truth in what he said. city did a classic ''smash and grab'' yesterday on his stuttering team. after going 1 up, he must have been severely juiced off to see his team mostly dominate the match, only to see 2 great pieces of skill by wly & deano and farcial own goal do him. colin was right about his teams comedy defending, out 2 front boys both broke clear to score with well timed runs. [/quote] United had more posession, but they didn''t do an awful lot with it. They looked vaguely dangerous on the break and from set pieces, but had few clear chances - in fact, we had exactly the same number of shots on goal (I think that''s what the stats in the paper said, anyway). The rest of the time it was typical Warnock "hit adn hope" - hoof it up field and hope that Shipperley can con the idiot ref into giving him a free kick (which surprisingly worked more often than not). If you think the BBC South Yorks website is biased, you should check out the report in the Sheffield Star. Apparently McVeigh and Hucks were badly goading the idiot united supporters after the first goal, Norwich had no lass, it was all United, they should have won by more, Norwich have no skill etc etc etc. It really wound me up. The reporter''s email address was printed in the paper, so I might drop him a line and politely ask which match he was watching - talk about one-eyed! I agree with Worthy''s assessment that United are far further up the League than perhaps they should be - on yesterday''s evidence, they don''t look a great side. Hopefully they''ll do their usual thing of blowing up in the second half of the season and slipping down the league. Then Warnock really will have something to whine about, the patronising, arrogant tool!
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