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  1. I think that if a good offer came in than Dean would want to go that why he keeps saying"I AM A AMBITIOUS PLAYER". Its not a just a question of Norwich wanting the money its what the player wants and the best time to cash in.
  2. I have been reading through these forums for a little while now reading what alot of people have been saying,I have a season ticket in the Jarold stand and YES i too go home gutted when we lose and dont look forward to going into work,BUT reading what some of you wright on here really makes my blood boil maybe a change wouldn''t be a bad thing but people on here trying to get other fans to not go to games or chant Worthy out all game are just totally pathetic.I support Norwich through thick and thin and Yes this is a thin patch but i will still be there supporting my team. What will happen will happen leave it to the board to sort out,I really hope hope things turn around and we do go back up this season under Worthy so you can all eat your words.We won yesterday and still people are on here saying "WE ONLY WON A GAME NOT THE CHAMPIONSHIP".Why dont you go support Chelsea if you want to support a team winning all the time and leave Norwich to the true supporters. Im sure a lot of you will want to hang me now but thats the way i feel,i want to get behind the team rather than upset them.  
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