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  1. Must say - Worthington is a goat in the transfer market. Doherty - You''re having a laugh. The  Ginger Pele is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard - Lisbie is a Charlton reject.  Come on Paul - Go on strike - Show the muppet up for what he is!!! It does''nt matter that you score in the reserves and then go on to a Mof the Match performance. Worthington was probably still drunk from watching his Wee Country drubbing the English.
  2. It is true. He has been dropped for Lisbie. Just another nail in the coffin of NW if things go against NCFC tonight. Probably has to justify signing Lisbie on loan - that''s the only reason.  I think he should go on strike. Refuse to leave in January and go for a Bosman next June. NW is a plonker!!!  C''mon the Hoops!!!
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