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  1. 18 hours ago, lake district canary said:

    Good grief, I've looked at the origins of this, a match against West Ham and see it has caused a backlash. The Sun originally reported it and caused upset with women's groups. But it is genuinely funny......on a par with "The batman's Holding the bowler's Willie" from cricket a few years ago. Just funny, not s€xist or any other "ist".  

    Would it be as funny if the names were male footballers names, probably not, but so what? It may not be PC in some quarters, but that doesn't take away from the fact that is genuinely funny. 

    Better than the prank someone pulled on Lineker live on telly, because this was not a prank and every time something naturally happens like this it makes me chuckle 🤣

  2. 10 hours ago, Nuff Said said:

    With hindsight, appointing Smith was a poor decision, but at the time I can absolutely see that it made sense.

    On paper it did. In reality, everything was wrong from the 1st phonecall from Stew to Smith. It stank the place up.

    Tell you what, on some level I respect the fans that went to watch live, home/away and booed Smith and the players without malice or nastiness - sometimes it's got to be like that to force a change, but TBH it should be like that for any coach who doesn't engage with the fans and the way we like to see our team play.

    I always thought City does not ever conform to "generic" coaches, they need to have something about them, but Farke ruined us. He set our standard. From now on, anyone we recruit as a manager has to have some elements of that team play, strategy and intensity AND connect with the fans. We measure them up to the standard - if they don't fit, they go.

    Wagner was destined for this. I doubted as well as many others.The doubt is still there, but going in the other way - I doubt he will not succeed with us, it's a matter of time.


  3. 2 hours ago, Creedence Clearwater Couto said:

    I love Hernandez. He positively affects games, and constantly makes things happen - sometimes by design, or sometimes not, but he gets us in the right areas and is a constant threat. 

    Rashica, Tzolis, Cantwell, Placheta…. 100 % Hernandez every time. Criminally underused and underrated since 2019. Farke should’ve put more trust in him. He’s a weapon, a cannon. A loose one, but still a weapon!

    Tzolis needs a chance. And we need him. Wagner will work him out.

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  4. 3 hours ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    I always thought the loan was about saving money in the Championship while still keeping him on the books. He was a high value signing for Farke so you'd think he'd likely be the sort of player Wagner would want to keep for the Premier League.

    If he can't perform in the Chumps, why the hell would we play him on the PL?

    His attitude has not earned it in the slightest, I'd rather youngsters get that chance ahead of Milot.

  5. 22 hours ago, ron obvious said:

    Is that brave little avian about to be catapulted to infinity & beyond, or just blown up? I'm confused   🙃

    You know about canaries in coalmines, right? This is a device where they would try and resuscitate the birds before they died. There is a little oxygen tank at the top. A canary resuscitator. 

    After finding this pic online, I thought it was apt to use it here 😂 

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  6. 33 minutes ago, The Real Buh said:

    It’s far from our most stellar squad ever, and there’s plenty of squad related clouds on the horizon with contracts and whatnot, but Dean Smith is the worst Norwich manager in living memory. Absolutely horrendous. It’s showed very much today.

    He was 100% the wrong appointment by Stew. Never a good fit for us. I daresay very few managers fit Norwich City, and Wagner fits. 

    Give Deano a break, then wish him well at a Rotherham, Stoke, etc. He'll pick himself up from there, he may not be the best coach in the world but not the worst either, and do well at a club with a project that suits him.

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  7. 1 hour ago, The Real Buh said:

    The whole situation has been horrendous, it’s probably a bit from both sides but why could situations not have been resolved?

    just another failures all round im afraid

    Brings me back to Stew and his "don't listen to the noise" comment. I know he said this in response to fan comments on social media but my impression is that in-house communication has declined massively the last 2-3 years.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, canarybubbles said:

    We need to remember that this defence - Aarons, Hanley, Gibson, Dimi - conceded just 36 goals in our promotion season. Now they have all looked like a mistake waiting to happen on so many occasions. Is it that they are no longer protected (no Skipp)? Is it that Smith sucked every bit of confidence out of them? Why have they all regressed so badly?

    A combination of the above is my bet.

    Maybe they peaked that season, and should have left to improve elsewhere, with new players brought in or youngsters promoted from within to refresh the squad. Every season a club will need 3-4 new faces, lest the ones in get too comfy. But instead most of them stagnated. Progress is never linear.

    Where we are now, I'd rather we stay in the Championship for one season so that we can rebuild properly. It will be painful, but necessary. I still want us to get promoted BUT with a solid base to work from. If this means most players have to leave us then so be it.


  9. 7 hours ago, Richard Richard said:

    I'm sorry, it's a no and no for me although I'm praying that Wagner turns things round for us.

    Sneaking promotion with this squad would ensure we're a laughing stock in the Prem yet again as we already know we won't/can't spend what's needed to be competitive there.

    Priority has to be to steady the ship this season, give Wagner a chance to see who he likes and sees potential in and clear out the remaining dead wood.

    Let's establish a playing style, starting first 11 and an identity. THEN we can entertain survival in the Prem.

    I'm clearly in the minority but I just don't think the squad is as good as people make out.

    Hope to be proved wrong!


    My thoughts exactly. +1

  10. 13 hours ago, Canary Jedi said:

    Ok I’m being hugely stereotypical but they’re both German, both came from BD, both successful at Champ level, both failed at Premier League level … what can we expect that is different from Wagner vs what we experienced with Farke?

    Hopefully he'll also have the sense to connect with fans like Klopp does, it does not need to be a Farke wave but we need to see he - and by extension the squad - cares.

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