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  1. 9 hours ago, canarydan23 said:

    I don't think anyone was good last night, but I actually think he was one of the least bad.

    Actually I thought that Sainz came out of the game with some credit. Coming on at half-time, and 3 down, at least he tried to get us on the front foot and going forward. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Newtopia said:

    I hope you are right, I can see all of them attracting decent interest, and more than 5M and Gunn will go, he is in the last year of his contract, Sargent is the best CF in the championship (20M+), Rowe is ambitious and I am not sure we offer him the opportunity to develop further (20M), and the same with Sara.  I think with Borja he will be worth a lot more at the end of a full season.  Depressing but we have to fund the overhaul some how.

    Gunn is quoted at a price of £3m in The Sun. May be right or wrong, but it does put a figure out there.

  3. 58 minutes ago, Midlands Yellow said:

    I’ve been to the Hawthorns and it was ****. Fulham and Southend any day, Walsall I’ve no idea. 

    Went to Walsall in our year in Division 1. Lovely little ground, but a pig to get to. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, Wimbledoncanary said:

    Retain : Gunn , Stacey , McCallum , Hills , Shipley, McClean, Kamara , Sainz , Hernandez , Tzolis , (pending clauses) , Rowe, Nunez , Aboh

    Release : Duffy , Hanley , Gibson , Gio , Sorenson, Long

    Sell: Sara , Sergeant , Fasschnacht , Barnes and Idah

    loan out: Warner, Fischer

    unfort we have no choice but to sell a few players now . Sara deserves his move. Serg can't play without Barnes and now is the time to cash in. Fass was Wagner player so needs moving on. Idah wants to go , let him. Funds generated should gives us a fighting chance at bringing some new signings in. The release list - big wages and relics of previous campaigns . I think letting Barnsy go is best for all parties . Hope we can keep Aboh and at least let new manager have a look , kamara and tzolis would be like new signings and come back with positive loan experiences .  

    Not a chance. Those that we might want to sell are unlikely to attract attention at a price that we would want. Those that we might want to keep may also fail to attract the price that we would want after last night's showing. Basically we might be left with a number of players that nobody else wants or is willing to pay for. Interestingly The Sun today are saying that Gunn has a market value of £3m.

  5. 1 minute ago, JonnyJonnyRowe said:

    Other countries exist, including Scotland. 

    Forest want Jack Butland, and Joe Hart is retiring, so both of the Scottish clubs who can afford him will likely have a vacancy and that is why Gunn is linked to both.

    We either flog in the summer or he's a free agent a year later.

    We will need a complete rebuild in the summer anyway, so we may as well cash in on Gunn if we can. Unfortunately his value will not have increased on the basis of his performance tonight. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man said:


    We'll surely sign a couple of wingers this summer, regardless of division. Here's one linked.

    Too old. Doesn't meet Knapper's stated aim of signing younger players going forward. May meet Wagner's requirement for older, experienced players though. 

  7. 8 hours ago, komakino said:

    You could be right, especially as Wagner was not his 'man' and his style of play is not quite what Knapper wants. 

    It's just that Wagner seems more relaxed to me and makes me think his job is safe. 

    How much power does Knapper actually have? Webber clearly made the decision to sack Farke, which appeared to have been reluctantly accepted by Delia & Michael. If Knapper wants rid of Wagner, but the board as it now stands says 'no', where will that leave Ben? 

    Wagner could be relaxed because he may know that he is leaving at the end of this season, whatever the result of the play-offs? An alternative scenario.

    Sorry, just seen that this possibility has been raised elsewhere. 

  8. 6 hours ago, Commonsense said:

    TBF there are other reasons. It keeps the season alive and competitive for much longer. We have play offs all the way down into the lower reaches of non-league. Do you think that money is the reason for those?

    No, I agree about the season being kept alive by the play-off possibilities, but the higher the league, the more it is about the money. You only have to look at some of the comments on this messageboard about whether to get promoted, or not. But all agree on the monetary benefits of doing so.

    Unfortunately (fortunately?) I am of an age where I am more of a traditionalist. For instance, I believe that only the winners of the Premiership should play in the Champions League. Not those that finish in positions 2 to 5. On this basis, I believe that the reward for finishing 3rd should be automatic promotion.

    however I am pragmatic enough to realise that things will not return to what they were. I would therefore like the play-off to be more favourable to those that finish in a higher position. Possibly with only a single match with the higher placed team having home advantage. No Wembly final, but the highest placed team remaining having home advantage in a one-off match.

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  9. 4 hours ago, jonnyace1 said:


    Stacey McLean Gibson Mccallum

             Sorensen Nunez

    Fassnacht   Sara.         Sainz



    Prefer McLean at the back. Sorensen to bolster MF with Nunez.

    Sorensen, unfortunately, does not 'bolster' the midfield and is a liability in that position due to his lack of mobility. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Thirsty Lizard said:

    Why would it? If the defence in front of Gunn has been poor and he's had no chance with the goals that he's conceded and has made a string of match winning saves then he deserves to be in the running for keeper of the season. 

    Poor defence means more opportunities to shine. Deserves to be in the running, but the best? 

    Personally I liked Chris Woods. 

  11. 12 hours ago, The Raptor said:

    'The scale of Sky Sports+ will be evident from the opening weekend of the 2024/25 season, with every game from across all three divisions - the Championship, League One and League Two - streamed live, a first in broadcasting history.' 

    So no 3pm games that first weekend at all? Sound pretty dumb to me. 


    I think that you will find that there are EFL 3pm ko's that day, just that Sky can screen them due to the lack of premiership games that day. The rules about TV coverage are linked to the amount of premiership games being played. 

    Are you assuming that we will not be promoted? 

  12. 3 hours ago, BroadstairsR said:

    The value to our club of going up is beyond doubt. That some cannot see it is beyond me.

    The financial benefits are obvious.

    The fact that we will have a better chance of hanging on to our better players for longer is  obvious.

    The fact that the East Anglian rivarly is put back on a more even keel having shifted so rapidly is obvious.

    The continued prosperity of our Cat. 1. status is ensured as are full-houses each match day.

    Rejecting our chances in the Premier League completely ignores the Annatasio factor and the Ben Knapper factor, especially if the former is invigorated by seeing the club in which he now has a degree of ownership, once again exhibiting Premier League status. A status he can use in furthering the chances of the investment from down under that he recently thought fit to mention. Especially if the latter furthers the clean sweep of the club, including the appointment of a young forward looking manager such as Cuesta, that many of us suspect and hope are in his plans.

    We would then stand, imo, no less chance than the Binners, Leeds or the Albion and certain Premier League flounderers all of whom will necessarily view their chances of avoiding relegation next season with some negitivety.

    As for the play-offs? They are a reason for excitment and trepidation in equal measures. They mean so much, especially as we need not be write-offs with players like Sara, Sargent, Rowe and Saintz and Nunez showing just how much we are capapble of on our day

    If we succeed in them but again give up hope before a Premier League ball is kicked we might as well save money and retain David Wagner.

    Regarding Ben Knapper, perhaps as a fan base we were so ingrained in the Stuart Webber controversy as to give sufficient thought as to the significance of this completely left-field appointment, so unlike our our club. A young, up-coming man of football whom little had heard of and with no experience in the role of DofF, I am left wondering just who was behind this initiative and what it means for the immediate future of our club.

    He's no McNally or Webber that's for sure. 

    I desperately want us to go up, the problem that I have is that I cannot see us doing it. Hence my lack of excitement.

  13. Not excited currently. As much as I want to see Norwich promoted (again), and playing in the Premier league, I cannot see this current team being good enough to get there. However the play-offs provide every team with an equal chance, so who knows. 

    Having been to both Cardiff and Wembley in the previous finals, and loved them both (for different reasons), this season does not, for whatever reason, have a similar feel. Hence my lack of enthusiasm. 

    This article is exactly how I feel:


  14. 33 minutes ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    The other two were so speculative it was hard to say anything either way.

    Nearly everything on this message board is speculation and personal opinion. I suggest that you may need to  get over it if you are so sensitive. 

    If you had nothing constructive to say on my other points then perhaps it would have been better to say so at the time, not just pick one that you wanted to respond to whilst saying nothing on the others. 

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  15. 8 minutes ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    I can't see how anyone can read much into January transfer activity given the financial state.

    But to be honest, it's mind-boggling to me that there's more interest in another sack the manager campaign than there is interest in the next three games worth about a hundred million quid.

    Ipswich's promotion means we must get promoted at all costs this season as far as I'm concerned.

    Please feel free to take any one of my points in isolation. Oh, you did.

  16. 1 hour ago, Robert Ketts Yellow Army said:

    Good time to play Leeds as their form is sh*te and their manager has been criticising his players for lacking experience. The fans are moaning and it won’t take long for them to turn against their team at home 

    And the difference between Leeds and Norwich is .....

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