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  1. The amount spent in March was suspiciously similar to the cost of a home season ticket, and suspiciously close to the time they were first available. The total amount was the equivalent to 150 scarves. Maybe she was trying to bribe Tory party members with a city scarf. I mean, how else would she win a leadership contest?
  2. After Man City thumped Sporting LIsbon 5-0 in Lisbon, all of a sudden it puts our humbling last week in perspective. Maybe we should apply to join the Portuguese League. I'd fancy our chances of getting a Champions League spot that way, especially after we beat the best Portuguese team, aka Wolverhampton Wanderers. OTBC!
  3. When Tyrese Omotoye was loaned out to Swindon, I fully expected him to make the first team on a regular basis. He had performed really well for the U-23's, and it's not as if Swindon are a great team, even if their strikers are half decent. Anyone got any ideas why he sat on the bench almost all season, and got no minutes at all in the last month? Seems a bit pointless (like Swindon, who got relegated) if he doesn't play!
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