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  1. After all the catastrophic decision making plaguing every moment of Boris's reign, he decided it was time to take his key cabinet ministers on a team-building away-day event:



  2. 12 minutes ago, smooth said:

    Capt. Pants I would say he looks a very intelligent left back from the videos I have seen. Of course they are highlights but it shows he has a range of crosses, picks out players, has good reactionary control and looks assured.

    I like a tackling full back too and if a deal is close I would say with him and Gibson on the left side of our defence till ths end of the season would five us a great chance of going up.

    Quintilla looks decent in the early outings, but there is a step up here. Obviously we do not know the full story with Xavi but if something is amiss this speculation is looking at a player who can upgrade that position.

    I think it is, if it goes through, a good signing of intent for what we want to achieve this season with ambitions to play in the premier league.

    Agree with that. But also the extra important element to his game that he has over Xavi is his speed. He is genuinely very fast, and a speedy full-back is really important to getting the best out of our style of play. Would be happy to have both in the squad.

  3. 4 hours ago, Surfer said:

    It seems Mike Pence didn't need to invoke the 25th Amendment.... apparently he's become the Acting President anyway - which avoids him issuing any presidential pardons (and the stink from that) too....


    Good to see that statement from Pence but he does seem to forget to include the final sentence where he explains who "the Great people of this Nation" and the "Capitol" need protecting from. Not muslims, nor Mexicans, nor illegal immigrants; but die-hard, red-white-and-blue Trump supporters. That seething, disgusting malange of racist, white supremicist, QAnon conspiracy hate merchants, that he and Trump and the majority of the Republican Party have enabled and encouraged from the beginning of this most egregious presidency.

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  4. Oh dear! Trump junior's comments come back to haunt him:


    Back in 2016 – a time that feels like many centuries ago – Hillary Clinton referred to Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables” which caused a lot of a commotion.

    Firing back at the time, the now-president’s son Donald Trump Jr wrote in a tweet in September of 2016, “Dear Clintons, You know what's deplorable? Being Impeached!!!”.

    I wonder what beats "deplorable" as an adjective for describing a double impeachment???

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  5. https://english.alaraby.co.uk/english/news/2021/1/13/israel-raids-on-syria-followed-us-intel-pompeo-mossad-meeting

    Israeli airstrikes on arms depots and military positions in eastern Syria which killed dozens of pro-Syrian regime fighters were carried out using intelligence provided by Washington, a senior US intelligence official with knowledge of the attack told AP.

    The attack was also discussed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Israel spy chief Yossi Cohen during a meeting in Washington DC, the official claimed.

  6. So the US has deployed more troops to the Capitol to defend itself from Trump supporting terrorists, than it has deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq (combined) to defend itself against foreign terrorists.

    Remember 2016 when Trump sought to ban muslims from flying in to the US to "prevent" potential terrorist attacks on the US; who would have thought that 1 term of Trump's presidency would require banning internal flights by Trump's home-grown terrorist supporters to prevent a real threat of terrorist attacks. What a fine legacy Mr Trump! hope you enjoy a long retirement sporting your orange jump-suit.

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  7. 12 hours ago, paul moy said:

    Just having a quick peek.  I see you are alive and well in your negative remoaner echo chamber isolation ........   😎🤗

    I see what's happened; you've mistaken the one brain cell pinging around the vast empty cavern within your cranium as an echo chamber. Easy mistake for someone like you to make.

  8. Some of the Republican speeches are truly shocking in their blatant disregard for truth and democracy. And the sudden commitment  to "unifying the country" of those rejecting impeachment is simply laughable. The truth is that there isn't a hope in hell of unifying the country by appeasing Trump and his fascist mob. They have to be made accountable for attacking the Capitol and the democratic principles of the US Constitution.

  9. All this shows why it is so important that the Republican Party begins the process of detaching itself from reliance on support from the extreme right. It is clearly in the interest of the future democracy of America that they do so, but also quite obviously in the Party's own self-interest. It seems, at last, that MM and some of his bretheren have begun to realise this after the insurrection ofJan 6 (I think we should start calling it 1/6 to match that other assault on US democracy 9/11). The election showed that however popular Trump may be among such deplorables, they were strongly out-voted by those repulsed by such views. After 1/6 this repulsion will surely increase, and we are likely to see many of those on the fringes tempted by such views thinking twice before they take the path of sedition. The courts too will see quite a culling of the hardcore Trump fascists in the near future and that too should have a deterrent effect. The Republican Party should realise the experiment with Trump has proved a terrible failure, and that it is no mere coincidence that it has ended with an assault on the very foundations of US democracy and the articles of the Constitution. They are now likely to be out of power for two terms and would be well advised to begin immediately a process of difinitive detachment from the anti-democratic forces that Trump and his ilk have courted.

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  10. 12 minutes ago, Surfer said:

    Meanwhile allegations being raised that some of the insurrectionists has been given guided tours of the Capitol building by two Republican members of Congress the day before the attack, and this is why they knew where to go. That’s a serious allegation and I’m sure we will hear more about that over the next few days. 

    Wow! If that turns out to be true they should find themselves on sedition conspiracy charge.

  11. 5 minutes ago, keelansgrandad said:

    They had the cheek to give us motoring offences after we saved them during WWII?

    Well thats gratitude for you.

    I know! bloody disgraceful. And to think we allowed all those Polish pilots to sacrifice themselves in the RAF, only for their decendants to think they had a right to come over here, work hard, and contribute to the economy, bastar*ds!

  12. 12 minutes ago, A Load of Squit said:

    No they're not.

    You still have to pay on-the-spot fines, if you don't you'll go to jail.

    Also EU registered vehicles caught by speed cameras in the UK will be able to avoid penalty.

    Can you explain why this is a good thing?


    Well at least Swindon maintains his 100% record for getting things wrong.

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