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  1. 8 hours ago, GodlyOtsemobor said:


    GodlyOtsemobor. Nutty.   Hogesar.    Ricardo 

                               Ken hairy  Essex 

    Yobocop.                    Sonyc                          LYB.                                                 

                                     Cambridge (c)

    TheRealBuh, Hank shoots Skylar, well b back, JohnnyJohnnyrowe, Branston, wings of a sparrow, Great mass debater, dylanisabaddog 

    Always thought of Cambridge as a more deep creative midfielder with flair as he's usually making stuff out of thin air.

    TheRealBuh would be standing on the side with a cuppa.

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  2. 58 minutes ago, Herman said:

    We just had a pandemic, not quite a war but with as heavy a death toll. Did that make everyone happy?

    Is Daubney, a man the same age as me, who were born over 20 years after the war, talking absolute rose-tinted, union jack flavoured nonsense?

    I'd say it was the opposite to war. We mostly sat and cowered in our homes rather than went out into the world to fight, grow, build etc.


  3. 6 hours ago, littleyellowbirdie said:

    Meh. Last year we started very well and went downhill on the back of injuries so sacked him. This year, his successor did less well at the start of the season, sunk a lot lower from injuries, but has turned it around so we're in the playoff places having been afforded a lot more leeway than Smith was, mostly I suspect because having made such a fuss to get rid of Smith, seeing his successor fail makes them look especially stupid for being so adamantly anti Smith. As such, I still think there's a good chance we'd have already made it back to the Premier League after we'd come through the injuries last year if some people hadn't got so stupid about cups of tea and the like and just decided it was a personal mission to get the guy sacked for reasons only known to themselves. That vendetta made last season a complete waste.

    Any time you want to raise it, happy to go there. You all know I'm right, even though your egos won't let you admit it.

    You are Dean Smith's mug and I claim my £5

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