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  1. And that free agent would be? You can't just accuse the club of not plugging the gaps if there isn't anyone out there. That's cheap.
  2. Our only fit centre back off. Anyone whining about this now needs a reality check.
  3. I am... As was clear, some peoples expectations are ludicrously high.
  4. With so many players half match fit, and still to be doing OK, to moan about this game and performances beggars belief.
  5. How on earth have you concluded its an attitude problem? Perhaps he's just not as good as you thought.
  6. We are missing Stiepermann. Cannot work out why people wanted him dropped. Hopefully it will shut them up now.
  7. Can't work out what all the moaning is about. Bournemouth just as bad. Would bite your arm off for a terrible away bore draw and clean sheet.