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  1. 2 hours ago, Thirsty Lizard said:

    Bad players can cost money too - see Joelinton/Ricky Van Wolfswinkel/Steven Naismith etc, etc, etc. 

    Good players don't always cost money either (at least in transfer fees) - see Teemu Pukki or Emi Buendia picked up for a song. 

    I bring up other clubs as context - Newcastle are operating in the same industry and same League as us. 

    As I've said on another thread signing football players is an inexact science.

    The board, Stuart Webber, Daniel Farke were all very up front at the beginning of this season that we would be spending very little money this season by Premier League standards. They have also been absolutely crystal clear that they see their job at the club as a long term one. Given all this it just seems weird to me that people are now turning round and moaning that we haven't spent a lot of money this season. 



    Good post Thirsty. Spot on.

  2. 6 hours ago, wcorkcanary said:

    As a kid in the late,sixties, early seventies, FA Cup final day was always like a holiday in our house ,the day would revolve around it, late massive fryup, sandwiches and crisps laid out like it was a party,whoever was playing. My dad wasnt even that much of a footy fan but he loved the occasion. Of course, in those days it was one of the very few live games shown on the box which added to the excitement. We'd have the  coverage on from start to finish. 

    Always BBC. Never ITV. 


  3. 3 minutes ago, GenerationA47 said:

    Water being the only draw they managed today

    Fancy something a bit stronger going on the Agent’s menu tonight

    On the subject of 'draws', there was a huge crowd there today proving they really are the massive draw they thought they'd be in the lower divisions.


    I think draw in that sense is a euphemism for 'embarrassment'.


  4. 1 minute ago, Chumino said:

    I know we can only control our own results but we do need some luck now. 

    No such thing as luck. You make your own destiny. Appointing Nigel Pearson wasn't luck. Spending 50p in the Summer on transfers wasn't luck. Not having a single shot on target in the 2nd half against Spurs and letting them dominate possession by sitting deeper and deeper wasn't luck.

    If luck was such a thing then there's be no point in following the game.


  5. Head - Sadly not. 1½ points per game to get to 40. Not beaten another team in the bottom three and have a paper-thin squad (Jan transfers pending). We'd need something like seven wins and six draws from the last 18 games.

    Heart - YES! I love our club, how we play and the players who wear the shirt - WE CAN DO THIS!

    (Nurse - the screens!🤪😂)

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