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  1. Pathum Utd 1-1 at HT. They were 1-0 down after 10 mins so hopefully going in the right direction!
  2. Thanks for all your suggestions, PUPs. All have been carefully considered - it wasn't an easy decision and there were a few that were very close to being included. However, I do like a bit of form to go on so here are the final six. All home wins. It does look as if a j, k, v, y or z (or various combinations) were needed to make the six! BG Pathum Utd v. Raying FC (Thailand) Wolczanka Wolka Pelkinska v. Hetman Zamosc (Poland 3 Liga) Crvena Zvezda v. FK Napredak (Serbia) Bodo/Glimt v. Sandjeford (Norway) Keflavik v. Leiknir Faskrudsfjordur (Iceland 2 Delid) Tatran Liptovsky Mikulas v. MSK Zilina B (Slovakia 2 Liga) - my pick Good Luck with the match bet FJSPSOB! Good Luck, PUPs!
  3. Thank you for the kind introduction, Nutty. I’m certainly going to need your great selections from near and far this week, PUPs. I’ll be back with my picks sometime after 9pm Friday evening, so you’ve all got plenty of time. Good Luck, PUPs!
  4. I'm going for a home win for PK-35 v. PKKU in Finland's Kakkonen A. PK-35 are W6 D0 L0 F18 A2 at home and PKKU are W1 D1 L4 F6 A12 away. Good Luck, First Wazzock! For the Norwich bet - let's stay with Finland and go for Pukki to score first. Good Luck, Duncan!
  5. It’s great to see your report on here again, Ricardo! Hope you enjoyed being part of the lowest ever first team crowd! Thoughts on Pukki? Was he looking more like his old self?
  6. I'm also going for a home win for Vasalunds IF v. Team Thoren FF. Good Luck, Indy! Sorry I'm late. For the match bet - Hernandez to score any time. Good Luck, Jools!
  7. Congratulations Ricardo! Enjoy the new match experience. I too, will be looking forward to your report tomorrow evening.
  8. It's great to have this back once again. Thanks to Nutty and PUPanon. I'm going for a home win for Boden v. IFK Umea in Swedish Division 2 Norrland. Good Luck, Kathy - sorry I'm late! For the match bet - 2-2 draw. Good Luck, norfolkngood! Nutty, I'm OK to do the picks for 03/10/2020.
  9. A big ‘Thank You‘ to Nutty Nigel for all his hard work with Rays Funds for the CSF over this extended season and especially for keeping us PUPs all going during the weeks without football with the pools. It’s a quick turnaround, so enjoy the break PUPs, rest up, scour the obscure leagues around the world so we’re all ready to go again in September!
  10. Two penalties to be awarded was Diesel Doris’ suggestion and after last week I thought it should be picked! Just looked under penalties on William Hill and Bet365 but also can’t see that option either. Hmmm . . . maybe another option of ‘Norwich at least 1 card in each half’ which is #YourOdds on William Hill.
  11. Interesting words on the wall. ‘It’s okay if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back up you rise as the whole damn fire.’
  12. Thanks for all your suggestions for the match bet. I’ve tried to strike some sort of balance between positivity and negativity! So here goes . . . £1 on the following:- Man City to win both halves Norwich to miss a penalty Yellow card for Krul 2 penalties to be awarded BTTS Hernandez to score any time Zimmermann to score any time Idah to score last Draw Norwich to win Good Luck to the Canaries!
  13. That’s so unlucky NFN FC. It was a great battle at the top of the PUPs League. Unlucky this week, Purple. It obviously wasn’t meant to be. Congratulations Kathy! To be so consistent with an excellent profitability over an unusual season makes you a deserved winner.
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