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  1. Congratulations Hissing Sid on PUP of the Month! Great to see more money added to the pot, dj11! Really unlucky, Diane.
  2. I'm going for a home win for Ruch Chorzow v. Gornik Zabrze II in the Polish III Liga. Ruch Chorzow are W7 D1 L0 F27 A6 at home and Gornik Zabrze are W1 D2 L4 F7 A14 away. Good Luck, Diane! (I know it's probably not that helpful to you, so if I had to pick from the Premier League I'd go for Leicester to beat Fulham.) For the match bet - Vrancic to score any time. Good Luck, dj11!
  3. Sorry I'm late, it's been a busy week! I'm going for a home win for Shakhtar Donestsk v. Oleksandria. Good Luck, Lakey! Good Luck with the match bet, Pockthorpe!
  4. I’m going for a home win for Rudar Kakanj v. GOSK Gabela in the Bosnia and Herzegovina first league. Rudar Kakanj are W6 D1 L0 F19 A4 at home and Gabela are W1 D0 L6 F3 A8 away. Good Luck, Purple! Good Luck to Til1010 and Kathy with BTTS!
  5. I'm going for home win for Krylya Sovetov v. Akron Tolyatti in the Russian FNL. Krylya Sovetov are W8 D1 L1 F25 A3 at home and Akron are W0 D2 L9 F3 A19 away. Good Luck, lincsy! For the Norwich Bet - Aarons to score any time! Good Luck, gregt!
  6. Congratulations Jellytot! Fantastic picking. I’m so pleased you now get your name on Ray’s Honours Board!
  7. I’m going for a home win for Partizan Belgrade v. Macva Sabac. Partizan are W4 D1 L0 F15 A2 at home and Macva Sabac are W0 D1 L4 F2 A9 away. Good Luck, Jellytot! For the Norwich Bet - Vrancic to score anytime. Good Luck, ZLF!
  8. Great photo, Kathy. I can see why you had a crush on him!
  9. I'm also going for a home win for Naestvad v. AB Tarnby. Mind melding again, Purple! Good Luck, Hissing Sid. For the match bet - Quintilla to score any time! Good Luck, NFN FC!
  10. Sorry I'm late - it's been a busy day! I'm going for a home win for EIF v. SJK Akatemia in Finland's Ykkonen. Good Luck, Mr Apples! Good Luck, FelixFan with the Match Bet!
  11. I'm also going for a home win for Polonia Warszawa v. Wasilkow. Purple has given the stats. It's good to know we haven't lost our ability to mind meld, Purple! Good Luck, KiwiScot! Good Luck, Kathy and NFN FC with the BTTS!
  12. Phew! I think I can relax now! A BIG thank you to all you PUPs for your suggestions! Thanks Nutty, Duncan and Purple!
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