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  1. With Vaughan in I don''t think CMS will be arriving as he is a similar sort of player, and we already have Jacko in that mould.

    Morison, we keep low-balling Millwall''s figures - We have put 3 bids in, with what sounds like only marginal increases, knowing they will be turned down, but keeping the manager of our real target aware we are pursuing other options.

    Personally, I would not be at all surprised to se ea certain Mr Vokes walk back through the Carrow Road doors, and I would welcome him here, probably over Morison to be honest.

    No inside info or any of that nonsense. Tin hat firmly on.


  2. I think there is an outside chance it could be us.

    Having said that, I wouldn''t think it is us.

    I have a feeling he might be talking about Cody smashing their transfer record (400k for Joe Lewis) for maybe 600k?

  3. I looked but couldn''t see this anywhere on here - Sone Aluko - a 5''7 LW from Aberdeen wants to move to Prem or high end championship (or Turkey). Out of contract in Sept. Just turned 22.

    Kick off Nigeria reporting we''re interested - Leics in pole position but not prepared to play the 200k comp to Aberdeen. Blues also interested and wouldn''t have to pay comp as from their academy.

    Wiki says he played for Eng at every level up to U19, been capped once for Nigeria''s full side.

    Sounds like a Lambo type of player to me, young, hungry, unknown to us! Would give us the option to go 4-4-2 rather than diamond so sounds plausible to me.

    Looks quick as anything and scored past Bayern Munich for Aberdeen at age 18.

    The traditional youtube compilation vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJKcTL9ONBk





  4. Alex - I get your point re: 2nd teams, however, I lived in Turkey for a while, and you HAVE to choose your allegiance over there!!

    I picked Fener due to the Canaries nickname and their tradition of being a community based club, rather than the bourgeouis Galatasaray.

    If it came to a Norwich vs Fener match it wouldn''t even be a contest, Norwich will always be my first choice, but I watch every Fener game online and I will be making my way to Kadikoy for a game or two when Im over in Turkey in September.

    It is a bit weird having two teams, but most enjoyable, especially in seasons like this when I can celebrate Premier league for our boys, and a title and Champions League for the Turkish lads.

    It''ll never be the same - I went far more mental when Simeon nodded in at Portsmouth than I did when Yobo scored our 4th on Sunday but it was great all the same :)

  5. Yeah and no one reads it.

    They are also known as the Canaries, and we have both held similar events in the past few weeks, obviously with theirs being flashier and bigger scale.

    Thanks for your input PC Grey, but I will continue to celebrate the achievements of both my Canaries, and just thought I would put this up to show how the other Canaries are celebrating.

  6. So my other team, Fenerbahce, produced a stunning second half of the season, claiming 49 out of the last 51 points to claim the 18th (and record) Superlig title.

    The players secured this feat away from home on Sunday night, and on Monday evening celebrated with a 5 and a half hour open top bus parade!! (Istanbul streets are not easy to get around!!) followed by 55,000 fans in the Sukru Sarioglu stadium for their version of a civic reception.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YBIpnKGueI - Players introduced one by one on a pretty spectacular floor!!

    Fireworks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmvBYe9D9SY

    The whole thing just looks spectacular, would love us to be able to put on an event of this kind of magnitude one day!

  7. When I was 6 or 7, and the away fans were housed underneath a tier of Wolves thugs, I got coined. Their fans are absolute scum.

    Me and my brother were both mascots way back when too, me at Birmingham away, and him at Wolves away... Blues couldn''t do enough for us, let my whole family come round with us, and gave us loads of extra bits and pieces, and just generally made the day really special...

    Wolves for my brother was absolutely crap, and they just rushed through everything with very limited access and would only let one family member go with him.

    Muscat''s tackle cost us promotion that season, we were flying til he took Bellamy out. We didn''t even get a free kick as far as I recall. I remember when he came to Carra Rud with Millwall I think a good few years later, and got sent off, and the cheering was as immense as if we''d scored a goal!!

  8. OT - but having just watched the dullest FA cup final I can remember, are Man City the most boring team in Europe?

    One dimensional, 8 man defence, hoofball for Tevez and Balotosser to chase. Blackburn/Stoke et al come in for a lot of criticism for this, but I think with the money City have to spend, and their ambition, it is more shocking for them to play this way.

    I wouldn''t swap positions with them at this moment in time, I love the fact we play football the right way, and are always on the edge of our seats, much rather watch us, than win a trophy by playing the way they do.

    Thoughts? (Tin hat firmly on!)

  9. Glad we''re not in them - hadn''t realised it was quite so soon.

    Forest vs Swansea tonight - COME ON FOREST!!!

    Step-mom''s family all support Forest and I have a soft spot for them as a club (Great memories of standing at the City Ground singing "WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE..." in 1993/1994 season), would love them to come up with us!!

  10. I had never even heard of Garra Dembele, and whilst I accept the risk of assessing off a youtube video - and with my tin hat fully on - he is a player we should 100% be looking at.

    6''1, quick and strong, only 25 and bloody hell can that boy finish. With both feet.

    Only cost Levski 200 000 Euros so I would think half a mill would be more than enough to make them sell.

    Looks like an incredible player, and yeah it''s only the Bulgarian league, but he scored against Lille too in what I presum was a Europa game - You can only beat what''s put in front of you.
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