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  1. I think kit looks good. I''ll be buying it. Might even order today.

    You can still buy last season''s kit but only in sizes XL up for whoever asked that - £15 from the online shop.

    Shame as I guess they won''t have any more in, and I wanted last season''s kit too but as a S/M, an XL will drown me!! That is ongoing by the way - anyone hears of one up for sale let me know!!

  2. Andy Carroll was worth about £8-10mill in this market imo. £35mill for a player who had scored 12 goals in 42ish Prem games prior to the transfer. What a joke.

    For the money they have spent - Liverpool could have built a far superior squad to what they have. When you think Van Der Vaart cost Spurs about £7-8mill, kinda puts it in perspective.

    Although I think they got a good deal on Suarez to be fair. Great little, player who will be worth £40mill + in a few years.

  3. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/3621664/Norwich-win-the-race-to-sign-Bradley-Johnson.html

    Article is about Brad Johnson but one line "quote" from Lansbury at the bottom says "I would consider rejoining them (us)".

    Would love for this to be true. Lansbury would be a great addition on loan or perm.

  4. I think the new kit being Errea is pretty much nailed on now.

    Skysports reported last night Buckley is signed, sealed delivered to Brighton - move completed - Record ever fee of £1mill - I''d say Bennett is nailed on too and expect the announcement either today or tomorrow with the kit news....


  5. Brilliant. Cheers for that pal.

    I''m a lot more excited about this signing now, power, pace, strength and he has that will to win and fight for every ball.

    The thing that impressed me most was if you look at his finishing - he is clearly both-footed, without either being dominant - the two lobs he scores one with each foot and he got one with each foot from outside the area i think too. That''s a big plus for me.
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