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  1. [quote user="Surfer"]During the 2011-2012 season we had Holt, Morison, Jackson, Wilbraham and Vaughan as strikers with Martin out on loan to Crystal Palace. During the 2012 - 2013 season we let Wilbraham and Jackson go, swapped Morison for Becchio (then basically never played him) and loaned out Vaughan to Huddersfield and Martin to Swindon & Derby. So we had a major reduction in striker headcount and no quality added, which we just about got away with as Holt was still doing the business. If we had been able to add Benteke into the mix for 2012 - 2013 it could IMO have solved a lot of the problems seen in 2013 - 2014, where we let go Holt, Martin, Jackson and Vaughan, and started over with RvW, Hooper, Elmander and the aforementioned ghost player Becchio.[/quote]

    Agree Surfer. But at that stage investment at that level/backing of Lambert was a bridge too far. Then (soon after) our ill informed Board panicked and invested even more can you believe in Ricky V-W. You know the rest, it''s horrible!

    While I acknowledge the great contribution GH made to our Club (in the Lambert era) and concede the multiple downsides of Chris Martin I also wonder what could have been achieved if we could have somehow motivated him to play the target man role he did for a couple of years up here, with 20+ goals per season. With his very questionable temperament I think playing ''second fiddle'' to GH probably stifled that amount of effort. Sadly his many downsides have continued to manifest themselves both here and at the various Clubs he has been loaned out to.

  2. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Yes, new players, but not players to score the goals to progress the club. Take the players Lambert inherited out of the club and it''s still on it''s ar$e...[/quote]

    Progress the Club??

    Oh you people of short memory! He picked it up off it''s proverbial, in the depths of L1 and after a 7-1 thrashing by his goodself. He took it to the Premiership and it was this same board that denied him the investment to ''progress'' further. This was the principal reason for his departure. Oh for a Benteke then. Picked from nowhere for relative peanuts and at that stage one of the most feared strikers in the land!

  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I don''t remember Lambert signing any prolific strikers...

    I suppose the best was Simeon who scored less than 1 in 4?[/quote]

    Maybe not Nutty but he recruited individuals that played as a team to score enough goals to gain us promotion a time or two. He also gave you the impression that any target he wanted badly enough would join us eventually.

  4. [quote user="Mike "]How about City fans being allowed to post their opinion without other City fans calling them binmen and trolls etc.

    Just thought it might be a bit more "adult" like.... Thought for the day.


    Hear hear, many thanks Mike.

    Sad that some fans still will only react with abuse to anything that conflicts with their own opinion.

  5. [quote user="Icecream Snow"]I take your "Paul Lambert" and raise you a "Craig Mackail-Smith" [;)][/quote]

    Is that the same C M-S that scored 8 goals in 41 games in L2 last year Icecream? Every player has his price but few players that the Lambert/Culverhouse team serious wanted went elsewhere for any other reason other than money.

    I believe that these two individuals complemented each other in the same way as Clough/Taylor. Individually they were just not the same.

  6. [quote user="Herman"]
    Are you going to answer some of the serious questions?
    When did we have a management team that always got their man?
    Why would players choose playing in two of the biggest leagues in the world rather than the English second tier?
    If you could play for a local team in a large league or a team in a smaller league, in a different country, what would you choose?
    Is 28 years old the end age of a footballers career?

    1. Lambert

    2. Good reason to build team from the English Lower Leagues (Do you need telling who did that?) There are various other examples with other Clubs too!

    3. Ditto

    4. In the case we are talking about yes. We are also hardly the Club that reinvigorates non performing strikers (1 goal every 5 games last three years). In fact just the opposite!

    5. On that subject I suspect those of our fans that were suggesting that we should accept (£3m+)offers for our own non performing ''striker'' are a little dumbfounded that other Clubs are not queuing up with offers!

  7. [quote user="Mr Benn"]
    Because links are often little more than made up guff that once one media source has reported it others can join in with ''sources report''.
    It fills space and act acts as click bait for the not too bright
    ................. talking of which at least we know which side of the border Derby and Midlands Canary come from
    The land of thieving binners.

    Keep backing our clueless Board folks and hopeless management committee. You''ll see where that gets you!

    Instead of dishing out false accusations come back to me after 10 games (or so) next season with the evidence of my misjudgement of the situation.

  8. Oh for the days when we had a management team that always got their man. Nobody seems attracted by the smooth tongued Webber or the "ambitions" of our Club.....I wonder why. Do n''t they know that the upcoming season has been trailed as the one when our WIP will yield ultimate success? Not to worry no doubt Jordan Rhodes will pop along for an end of career earning fest!

  9. Would n''t disagree entirely LDC.

    Risk in football is a little like our own health. You cannot be certain that you

    will not contract something fatal but you can reduce the odds (by not smoking/drinking to xs etc etc).

    As you suggest we have taken risks in the transfer market but those risks were ''amplified'' by

    a naive Board taking on an inexperienced Manager that demonstrated that his one real flaw was

    that he had not got a clue when it came to recruitment. After one wasteful/scary close season

    our naive Board decided next time that recruiting nobody was the less risky option!

    I agree that we see ups and down with our Club but one decent result followed by two no shows

    throughout the season is not what I want to see and says as more about the players commitment/character

    than it does their ability.

    As for Lambert, yes I agree those were exciting years, but he too has demonstrated that without Culverhouse

    he is much like Clough without Taylor!

  10. On each occasion previous to promotion to the Prem in the past we had a team that showed different consistency/desire than this lot hogesar.

    It was the failure to build on what we had achieved that caused us problems then. Sadly success in football carries high risks and if you are not prepared to take them you accept the mediocrity that we will have to become familiar with again.

    We are like the Banker that never lent money. Did n''t make much profit but by goodness his bad debt record was excellent!

  11. [quote user="lake district canary"]
    [quote user="Making Plans"]So, with this "exceptional team" we are going to have next season anything less than automatic promotion must be counted as a failure.[/quote]
    That surely depends on how may other clubs get it together to put up a strong team - there are almost bound to be other very good teams up there. It''s a competition, after all.  Anything other than top six would be a real disappointment.

    If you still consider that this team has a prayer of a top six position after the sorry tail/tale of last season you too must live in Delia''s fantasy world! There are at least eight stronger teams than us in this league without those coming down from the Prem. Can''t you see LDC that Webber and his ''merry men'' are already starting to moderate our expectations for next season?

  12. For a start Hogesar accept that criticism of performance is not

    inevitably negative. Blind acceptance (en masse) of everything

    delivered by management/players has the potential for much more long term

    damage...I assume you have heard of the activity of Lemmings?

    We owe it to our Club to keep all of these ''on the agenda''!
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