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  1. Why is it that we seem so good at getting the worst out of players. Cureton seemed capable of banging in goals at most of the clubs he has played for (except us) Hoolahan (the new Huckaby) could regular star at Blackpool, but now can''t make our team, Crow though I accept he was in a lower division and now seems to have faded out could initially do it at Peterborough, Bentley was initially poor with us but now a multi million pound player, Crouch hardly scored but banged them in regularly for England. I could go on but risk boring you.Is anybody also sick of hearing players that rue the delay of an international break preventing them the opportunity of putting right the earlier crap performance - has the motivation gone a fortnight later?

  2. And so Neil Doncaster is take part in a live Web Chat on Wednesday. When asked why our Club is in a position where it is about to start another season minus two or three of its best players he will of course labour the problems of release clauses that he will claim the Club were forced to enter into to obtain the services of the players in the first place.The problems with this Club are much deeper than that.  The route cause of most of our Current problems including difficulty in recruiting quality players, stem from the Board sitting on their hands when clearly Nigel Worthington had lost the plot. Recruitment of an ambitious/effective Manager at that early stage would have given that individual time and resources to rectify the situation.  We can blame greed as much as we like but successful people do not stay with any organisation that is poorly led, with little potential or ambition to succeed.Of course we are currently in a phase where the players and their agents hold the ''whip hand'' but I very much doubt that any of our players that have moved on would have made that decision if they had felt that we were showing the true desire to either stay in or make it back to the Premiership by strong leadership with quality player recruitment to support that desire.  
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