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  1. Not very insightful to suggest we are already down and you would get many agreeing. However, we have just given liverpool a game, in their own back yard, scored two goals (one disallowed), without being embarrassed.

    We let in 8 goals against man city and this lot early on and have just scored two and started very brightly against them a few months later.

    There is still a chance and in no way should people just write us off that quick after the general turn a round since Smith and Shakesphere came in.

    Difficult? yes. Impossible? No


  2. Mane should have been booked for a clear dive first half and Alison for the clear handball. Still not sure if Salah's goal was initially offside from the goal kick (I know he can't be offside in his own half but...)

    I'm in no way saying it wold have changed the result however, it may have stopped the momentum for them and given us a half chance when needed.

    Big decisions, neither taken in our favour




    17 hours ago, cambridgeshire canary said:

    MK Don's is a plasitc fraudulent club in a fraudulent city only known for roundabouts and fake cows.


    Never forgive, never forget. It it possible for two clubs to lose? Don't want either of them to win.

    Good luck to them, they are an absolutely nothing club with virtually zero outside interest or support from anyone outside their area such is their currant standing in football.

    Good luck to MK Dons as well.

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  4. 46 minutes ago, Indy said:

    It did last night, like I keep saying, he had Gallagher all night, he nicked the ball a couple times off him, got free kicks and stopped him from playing his game in front of our defence. I don’t often praise McLean but he was obviously given that job to nullify Gallagher and did that.

    Spot on, especially first half. He did an excellent job on a top player. Second half they seemed to spread the responsibility a bit but there is no doubt, Kenny did a good job on him


  5. 1 hour ago, alex_ncfc said:

    I just think it's sucked a bit of excitement out of what could have been a good cup run. I say could, we could win there. But unlikely, seeing as we haven't beaten Liverpool in any competition for nearly 30 years. 

    It's a shame we couldn't get Peterborough or someone in the Championship. I'm desperate for us to get to an FA Cup final. I thought we were gonna do it 2 years ago but then we went and drew Man Utd in the quarters.

    I felt with a crowd at that game we would have won it. Of course, had we got to the semi final or better most of us would not have been there to see it (other than a select few )

  6. 44 minutes ago, BobLoz3 said:

    This is exactly what I thought when reading those comments earlier! Bunch of self entitled twonks 😂

    This guy is also a laugh... 


    Sad man with a sad, entitled attitude.

    Let's hope we batter them in the league at their place. If this chap goes to that game and see a home defeat again against the worse team in the PL I suspect he will struggle to write a more bitter report.

    Probably will just copy and paste this one again 👊😂



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  7. 9 hours ago, cambridgeshire canary said:

    Blimey, wearing Norwich scarfs and hats too while sneaking into our area huh? Sneaky sneaky

    Now you mention it, I can't see a single person in that picture who is actually looking at their phones wearing a city scarf /hat etc. I also suspect if you took a photo of that area the following game there would be a number of new faces. Bl00dy plastics 😡😂


  8. 8 minutes ago, cambridgeshire canary said:

    I would like to think we could get 7 points but I guess 4 would be ok. Any less and we are down

    I think a total of 4 points only in the next six games will seal our fate, 6 is an absolute minimum. This is the moment for us and four of those games are ones we can take points from. 

    It's now or never for me

  9. Looking at the next 6 PL games for us (Crystal P, Man City and Brentford at home, Liverpool, Saints and Leeds away) it gives us a great chance to build on the momentum we have certainly begun and really set our stall out.

    However, I think it is a must for 3 points next Wednesday then at least two competitive games against the top two before we look at lower table teams again

    Other than the top two the rest are within 9 points and 5 places of us at this moment so, these 6 games are pivotal for us and a great run could swing it in our favour. I feel this next group of 6 games will determine our chances of survival. After these there are 9 left

    Points total?     I'm hoping for minimum of 9, but would take 6 (leaving us at 22-25 points)

    This competition is not lost yet



  10. 6 hours ago, TheBaldOne66 said:

    Really hope he does well at Bournemouth and reinvigorates his career. If he ever came back and scored against us I hope he would give the crowd what they deserve for hounding him out! Disgraceful behaviour from him as a player people say? What about the vitriol people have posted on here about him, that’s just as disgraceful isn’t it? Oh no, it’s acceptable because he’s a young lad who’s lost his way and deserves all the $hit spouted to him on here!


    Time to find the next scapegoat for the pink un haters, who’s next then? 

    This is massively over the top. Other than a few half wits the vast majority on here (myself included) and at CR have wanted Todd to do well for us and been very patient, given the dire circumstance the club have been in. This is of course due to the rumours around personal/family issues.

    'Hounded out' by the CR crowd or pink un posters is utter ballax and by suggesting it doesn't help his case.

    Finally, if you are basing your comments on idiots who put comments on other social media platforms then god help you. 

    Good luck to him but it needs resolving and this may just be the way.

  11. Can't remember it myself for some reason but why on earth would you not take someone like Chris Sutton when in the championship and at that stage is beyond me.

    Would have been superb to see him back in our shirt

  12. 2 hours ago, canarydan23 said:

    20,000 season ticket holders, an extra 1,500 allegedly on the waiting list without any meaningful advertising or marketing campaign. I reckon with availability, they'd easily get 23,000+ season ticket holders. Then factor in anything from 1,000-3,000 away fans, I think we'd easily consistently sell 5,000+ casual tickets. 30,000+ more than realistic, even in the Championship I reckon.

    I always thought it was 22,000 season ticket holders.

    In any case, I've always felt that a bond type affair whereby you invest and have a chance of securing a seat in the new stand when it opens if you are not already a ST holder or indeed get a certain % return if you were, would work. The last bond was a big success.

    If the club then market it well and limit the season tickets to say 25/26k maximum at a decent price, they would sell. Leaving 3-4k for larger away followings and the rest for members, casuals and corporates. 

    Couldn't see why achieving 30-35k a game is not possible

  13. Not a penalty in a million years.

    In fact rather than enforcing it being a possible penalty in slow motion reply (which often happens), the slow replays show the attacker missed the ball due to it's speed and then headed for the keeper. Enforcing the belief it was not a pen

    The blame lies at the door of the VAR official. He would have had time and lack of pressure to make the right decision. He failed.

    Why he failed is a mystery indeed. Lucky Liverpool

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