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  1. 3 hours ago, king canary said:

    I'm not sure why Norwich fans resent Brentford so much.

    If anything the fact they've managed to stay up (yeah I'm happy to call that now) without huge spending after promotion and working on a 'sustainable' model in the Championship should at least give us some hope that it can be done, even if just for one season. 

    Good on them I say. Certainly don't hate them at all. Bit of a breath of fresh air and wish we could have matched them results wise this season

  2. 7 hours ago, Channon’s Windmill said:

    If the first team sheet in August has a Hanley/Gibson centre back pairing and you know who still in midfield I really will despair

    If the first team sheet back in the championship has a Hanley/Gibson centre back pairing and you know who still in midfield, we will probably win the league again

  3. Norwich City have a 1pc chance of staying in the Premier League, according to one football think tank.

    FiveThirtyEight's latest statistical modelling paints a gloomy picture with Dean Smith and his squad heading back to the Championship.

    It hardly needs the number crunchers to tell any City fan what they have seen unfold this season is a continuation of a depressing theme from the last time they were in amongst the high rollers.


    Albeit the predicted 24 point finishing haul in that analysis would be three more than the abject offering in the 'Project Restart' period under Daniel Farke.

    Are they right? How many points do you see City harvesting from the final nine league games that start with a trip to Brighton on April 2?

  4. 5 hours ago, For the future said:

    If I was the manager of Norwich City I would interview every first team player and find out if they wanted to stay at the club or be sold .


    I like it.

    Question 2: Where do you see yourself in 5 games time?

    Question 3: If 3 people were waiting for a kidney transplant and one became available, pick from these 3 who would receive it and why.........

  5. 1 hour ago, Jim Smith said:

    I know we are not good enough and it’s beyond my comprehension we found a way to lose that having equalised like that but it cannot be overestimated how much the officials influenced that game.

    3 yellows not given first ten minutes.

    Penalty to us not given before they scored.

    offside goal allowed for them.

    red card not given for Ayling tackle.

    penalty overturned dubiously.

    another red not given for Harrison stamp on Max.

    Can’t ever recall a worse set of officials. 

    Other than the penalty that the officials had enough margin to overturn, everyone of those points you mention I 100% agree with. 

    I can understand the pressure from the crowd but it's small things such as the lineo instantly putting his flag up as soon as it looks remotely like an offside against us, yet is happy to let their first goal stand, despite the FACT that the offside player influenced ply by drawing in Gibson who would have otherwise been available to challenge for the final ball

  6. 4 minutes ago, Indy said:

    Sad that it’s our worst season in top flight history and our best player by a mile has been Hanley! Shows just how poor the rest have been!

    Yep, spot on.

    However, he is (in my humble opinion) an excellent player for us and it's rare he has a poor game. Just need a few others to up their game and bring something to the party.

    Apparently he has covid but without any symptoms

  7. Okay, state the expected timings of first the old favourite City chant of 'we've got a super cook, you've got a russian crook,' and the Navel Gazers'FC (formally known as chelsea FC) reply of a Roman Abramovich supporting ditty?

    Me? Official minute 4 on the clock, for the first and 30 seconds later, the travelling NGFC support will reply.

    Life must be hard without the soft caressing, comforting hands of a billionaire, putin supporting russion oligarch to guide and pay for your success? How will they cope? 

    Will no one think of poor NGFC ?




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