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  1. Liverpool away win and Norwich 1-1 Good Luck everyone
  2. Peterhead to beat Clyde is my suggestion For Norwich a 1-1 draw Good Luck Everyone
  3. Anthony

    Happy New Year and BTTS for the CSF

    Reading v Swansea is my pick Good Luck
  4. Spurs at home and Klose to score anytime Good Luck everyone
  5. Arsenal at home please and for NCFC Klose to score anytime Good luck pups
  6. Chelsea home win I think Norwich to win 3-0 Good Luck Tilly & Doris
  7. Man City to win is my choice this week and for Norwich 2-2 draw Good Luck everyone
  8. My old Nokia aint never switched on think she nicked my chromebook though
  9. My pick is Portsmouth away and for Norwich Klose to score anytime Good Luck to my lovely wife, I know how desperate she will be to win Good Luck all you other pups with your picks
  10. Sheffield Utd home win

    Norwich 2-1

    Good Luck everyone
  11. Man City to win & Klose to score anytime

    Good Luck to all you pups
  12. Im going for Sheffield Utd and Norwich Klose to score anytime

    Good Luck pups
  13. Man City to win this week

    Norwich game - both teams to score a penalty

    Good Luck pups
  14. Never did like dirty Leeds, never mind at least we got the cash from the draw.

    Good Luck Graham with your selections