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  1. MadDan is far from mad IMHO - a calm response to our dire situation. Just what we need from all concerned. No complacency mind you, just calm belief.
  2. Oi xxx~shrub~xxx poor Paul McVeigh - you''ve dumped him already? (Mind you I''d go with it if we sang ''head the ball and we''ll score...'') We need to be more cringeworthy - how about this, to the tune of that ''Lonely'' song by Pinky or Perky on a bad day. Jonson, Mathias Jonson, give us some fun son, Score us a goal (ooh woo woo-oo-oo)   Sad, bad but smileable in its own way.
  3. Can we come up with 20 new chants before the new season begins? The more unlikely and stupid the better (nobody''s suggesting we ever sing these things in public!). It''s more fun than transfer speculation surely..... This one''s from ''Something Stupid'' by F and N Sinatra.... I know I stand in line until you think you have the time to spend an evening with me, And if we go some place to dance, I know that there''s a chance you won''t be leaving with me, Then afterward we go into some quiet little place and have a drink or two, And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like....... ......"We are going up, I said we are going up. We are going up, I said we are going up" (you can substitute any ''normal'' chant into the last line (eg Oh Huckerby, oh hucker, hucker .. etc.)
  4. Iwan says we need a chant for Craig Fleming How about this - to the tune of Amazing Grace: Amazing Craig, how sweet the sound His crunching tackles make Amazing grace, amazing pace (!!) Ama-a-a-a-azing Craig
  5. 0-0 versus Portsmouth in 1969. I ''sat'' in the front railing of the Barclay in the days before the police got sniffy on H&S. My Dad and uncle took me with my cousin Phil who kindly shared some glacier mints, while all I could offer were some iced gems. And it only cost 2 and 6 (12 1/2 p)to get in. Our star players included Stringer, Keelan, Forbes, Kenny Foggo and Tommy Bryceland. It was 3 games later that I saw my first City win versus Millwall (2-1 with goals from Foggo and Sylvester), I clapped so much my hands were saw. I''ve been hooked ever since.
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