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  1. As promised .. here is the video we shot for the Norwich match ... http://bit.ly/1CRrU2K Norwich and Brentford fans in the coach n horses pub ... and terrace action before, during and after the game ... Grab a cup of tea .. it''s quite amusing ... We do these videos win, lose or draw ... as you remember when i posted the video from the 3-0 Norwich win at Brentford ... they all have the same humorous vibe no matter what the score ... You might even recognise a few faces in there ... Best of luck ......
  2. Taken the points on board ... by the way, will post the match day video on another thread (much of it shot in the coach and horses) .... Answering a few of them ... 1. I was at that Grimsby game .. twas about 5 years ago. Remember it well because it was my son''s 1st away game - in the 2nd division. He was 4. It was Easter and it snowed. We took about 150 fans if that .. .but we did sing .. I know coz (as i do) I''ve got some video ... My point about atmosphere wasn''t a ''home and away thing at all. Its obvious away games should be 10 times better than home games for atmosphere. My point (and quite a few norwich fans agreed with me in the pub) is that it seems the more ££ people pay for their seat, the more they seem to feel the need to milk the full value of that seat ... its almost a psychological thing ... The "You" isn''t personal .. just trying to type quickly .. no time to sub-edit sorry ... save that for the fanzine website articles ... None of us can say for sure about the jumping of ship of warburton .. however, he''s currently happy where he is ... you never know if the owner did a deal with him to give him future shares .. or move up to a different creative role or whatever in the future .. on the flip side, the club''s mentality is .. if someone leaves .. we''ll just replace him .. so we''ll be ready ... The vultures are hovering already. Pritchard will be gone in the summer. We got this young kid from Rangers to take his place already. Lewis McCleod. Their best player apparently. Paid £1m for him. But not really looking to play him till next season. There were 10 scouts at Huddersfield recently ... Odubajo has caught many teams eye ... Jota is being sniffed .. yes of course we know ... do we become a selling club? ... the owner has stated he will sell if it is the right thing to do .. we have to trust him and his team to do the business .. they''ve done well so far ... and he''s invested shed loads in the academy ... Its a Cat 2 academy ... and we won the prestigious Milk Cup a couple of years ago .. beating Liverpool and Everton on the way .. five years ago the academy were nowhere ... the chairman has said in 4 or 5 years time, he would like half our first team to be coming out the academy .. thats the long term plan ... We are nervous about the move .. not so much about trying to fill it with 8000 more people ,,, more about filling it with the RIGHT type of people .. teams like fulham just filled their stadium to get bums on seats ... no vibe .. no atmosphere .. and little loyalty as they pull in ''football tourists'' as they are called ... clubs have to work harder to bring new fans in and grow them into the new breed of supporters that retain the values and passion that the club always had ... if you grow from 5000 to 12000 in two years, there is always a danger of losing what was your unique selling point .. unless the club works hard with the fans to retain certain values .. . One positive thing is .. with our new stadium, we''re trying to become a flagship for safe standing .. as that is our unique selling point .. standing helps atmosphere .. and if we can somehow keep standing, we will be steps ahead of other clubs .. but there are some major hurdles to go thru .. including law changes ... but (like cheap tickets) there are some positive signs that things are moving forward positively (lobbying does work) .... The CEO has to balance between running a business .. and keeping the fans happy .. some CEOs don''t care too much about the fans .. others do .. we''re lucky that our CEO used to bunk off school to watch Brentford ... he''s not abramovic .. but he''s a very clever .. very passionate .. very nu skool owner .. So yes guys .. you are correct on a number of points .. and the view isn''t rosy beyond belief ... i know the pitfalls .. however, i also believe that football can change .. there have been signs ... and fans, like i germany, can actually have more say in the way the game is run if they don''t just accept everything as ''thats the way it is'' .. gotta take a leaf out of Liverpool fans Spirit of Shankley ... they''re hard core .. and have caused waves .. and fair play to them, they are being listened to .. i think the Premier League got nervous when they took their ticket demonstration to the sponsors .. their theory ... if the fans arent happy and the sponsors know the fans arent happy, they''ll then talk to the authorities and the clubs to say ''the people we are trying to reach arent happy'' ... so they went to lobby outside barclays bank offices ... and other sponsors surprise surprise, last Friday they were sitting in a meeting with Scudamore at the premier league last friday discussing lowering ticket prices ... We''re very nervous of going to the prem .. we know all the negative points ... certain things are out of our hands ... we can only do certain things as fans ... But for the moment we''re just enjoying ourselves ...
  3. Guys Beesotted back here on another thread. I promised to post a couple of bits of audio. Below is the post match podcast we did from the coach and horses pub ... again thanks to Norwich fans who took part .. very friendly ... see you in Brentford next season for a beer (The Globe) Also check out the interview with Tony Parks .. Norwich goalkeeping coach .. and ex Brentford keeper .. he has some tales to tell .. quite funny was what McCall did in Simon Stainrod''s shoe when he was up at Falkirk Gotta go off and edit our match day video now from yesterday ... Enjoy Post Match Podcast http://bit.ly/1Egbmpl Tony Parks Interview https://audioboom.com/boos/2824786-norwich-s-ex-brentford-spurs-falkirk-keeper-talks-to-beesotted
  4. Firstly, I would like to say what a tremendous day out we had in Norwich. We got to the Coach and Horses pub just after 11am - log fire and all - and were welcomed by the Norwich fans in there from the moment we walked through the door. Very similar to the welcome the Norwich fans got in our boozers (The Globe, The Lord Nelson) in Brentford back in September. So I’m not back on here to gloat. But to engage a wee bit further after the match.. give my view on a few things … and also reply to a few comments on this thread that I missed out on yesterday coz we were in transit East of London. First of all, I don’t think you will be out of order for me mentioning it .. because so many of you mentioned it all over your forum here. I was quite shocked by how poor Norwich were. The football you played was a million miles from what we saw down at Griffin Park where we voted you guys in the top 6 of best teams we had seen play this season in a survey on Beesotted (Ipswich were top by quite a way .. with 66% of the vote. Boro were 2nd with 22%. Then Derby with 8%. However, 15% of people voted Norwich as the THIRD best team they had seen after Derby and Boro). You were hoofing the ball up. Defensively you were all over the gaff. Your players had no fight at all. Great for us. And you knew Warburton smelt blood when, as is his style - 2-1 away from home instead of pulling off a striker and putting on a holding midfielder or defender, he pulled off midfielder Jota (headband .. scored the goal .. took the p!ss quite massively in the first half when he put the ball between your two defenders and ran around them) and put on forward Tommy Smith … then in the final minutes, once again instead of pulling off a forward and tightening up .. he pulls off Andre Gray and brings on another forward … just to turn the screw even more. One thing we haven’t been short of this season is excitement. Warburton has brought a whole different thought process to Brentford .. and we’re enjoying it. Which beings me back to some of the conversations we were having earlier. Don’t want to bark on about the £35 ticket price because it seems many Norwich fans, as I said earlier, seem to be delighted to pay the higher prices. Personally, I would be mightily upset if I were forking out £35 (or £26.85 season ticket price) to see that every week .. and might find myself camped outside the CEOs office asking for a refund. Fine if that what makes you happy. But the campaign for away fans to be charged reasonable prices rolls on – and is getting some serious momentum. Even since the time this thread was written, a delegation has met with Scudamore at the Premier League to discuss reducing away admission prices. And lets put it this was … this time it wasn’t dismissed outright. With the vast injections of TV money, the question has always been asked why does ALL this money go back to the clubs who then just pay players even higher wages? .. why cant SOME (just a small fraction of the billions … please … like a miniscule fracton) go back into the game … and some to the fans .. who actually create games with atmosphere which PL sales people then go off to The Middle East and The Far East and sell for vast sums of money. The PL is worried that the atmosphere at many games in the Premier League is POOR (very much like Norwich yesterday … but we’ll come onto that later) .. they have full stadia … filled with people who think they’re at the opera …so delighted they are getting hold of a £60 they have no idea how to enjoy themselves. So watch this space. Yes PL and FL are different beasts. Yes and no. Premier League prices are silly. But if there is some sort of movement here, and if PL clubs decide to use some of the extra few billion they receive in TV money to curb the costs for away fans, we could have the laughable situation that it feasible could be cheaper to watch an away team play at Arsenal than it would be at Norwich. Coming back to atmosphere … yesterday the atmosphere (apart from the away end) was very very poor. As the Brentford CEO said on our ticketing podcast … “We want to encourage away fans … they create noise and give the home fans something to think about when getting behind their team” … which means twice about pricing them out … he also indicated about reciprocal pricing … We cant charge the earth … if we take the p!ss out of their fans … they will take the p!ss out of our fans when we go there .. and untimately it’s the fans that suffer … https://audioboom.com/boos/2821067-norwich-v-brentfordfc-pre-match-podcast-brentford-chief-backs-cheaper-tickets-as-norwich-charge-35-celtic-prospect-on-trial-everton-striker-joins I have to admit, Im very surprised many of you guys have been sold this supply and demand clap trap and have swallowed it most heartily. If that is the case, why doesn’t your club go the whole hog and charge you £60 to get in? …. An interesting quote by a German football chairman who laugh at us Brits .. saying “We could never even consider trying to charge £25 and £30 for football in Germany” where it costs around £15 to get into a top class match .. “The fans would annihilate us .. plus the increasing entry for fans is a drop in the ocean to the money we get from TV so why make the fans suffer?” … And that’s part of the problem … you guys with your supply and demand nonsense, no wonder your chairman has no problem charging you £35 … Again, just speaking out here .. don’t take it as personal criticism … Coming back to the game … we had two teams out there … There was one team on the pitch yesterday who, according to this forum, spent around £20mill in the LAST transfer window alone. Never mind players on £30k plus a week. And there was one tea who fielded their record signing - £1m Moses Odubajo (signed in the summer to sharp intakes of breath from Brentford fans … and utterances of ‘blimey .. never thought I’d see the day when Brentford would sign a player for £1m) and then their next biggest record signing - £1.3m Jota (headband .. goalscorer .. general p!sstker .. signed from Celta Vigo in the summer) - sending Brentford fans reaching for their inhalers … as this was too much for us to take in one transfer window. Alongside them, clever little signings from academies … places like Derry City … oh and plucking a player from the Conference (Andre Gray - £500k) and throwing him straight into the Championship battle … when we were promoted, people were saying things like “Brentford wont survive .. they haven’t got a marquee signing .. they haven’t really spent any money .. they don’t have the quality … you have to spend big to survive in this league”. Norwich would never in a million years have signed Gray and put him straight into your team. You would have gone for an £6m striker on £30k a week .. who may or may not have worked .. and you guys would be playing for that. When we lost our ‘best’ player Forshaw to Wigan for £3.6m in the summer (we bought him for nothing from Everton academy .. instead giving them a big sell-on clause … a win win situation for us), Warburton didn’t fret … he just said ‘don’t worry … there are plenty more Forshaws out there’ … then he went and found Jota .. and Pritchard … And this .. my friends .. is where I lead back to where you guys need to open your eyes … You’re being charged through the nose for gross inefficiencies in the way certain football clubs are run … tell me .. the fact that we pay £10 a head less than you every week to see better football makes absolutely no sense at all (our season ticket price works out at around £15 a head). A club should operate within its means. If hypothetically Norwich were capped having to charge fans (or away fans) say £25, they would have to then spend accordingly. It’s not as if it cant be done. We’ve spent probably 1/50th or maybe less of what Norwich have spent in terms of transfer fees and wages …. Surely you as fans should be asking questions there .. rather than just telling fellow supporters “Pay up or don’t come” … Coming back to Mark Warburton. Someone on your thread said you should have poached him. Remember this is someone who was making sh!tloads of money in the city to jack it all in and become a football coach because he loved it. He joined up with his ex city buddy Matthew Benham and together they came up with a plot .. to try and run a football club with the right ethos. Decent football. Developing youth players. Finding talented players from under rocks that so called ‘big clubs’ with their outdates scouting networks would have absolutely no idea where to find them. And charging fans fairly (that was one of the things our chairman stated in this Q&A he did on a Brentford forum .. very similar to The PinkUn …. http://beesotted.co.uk/?p=12965). Long term loyalty and value for money much more important than short term cash. And that’s the reason why clubs like Norwich would find it hard to prize Warburton away from Brentford. He’s been instrumental to building the club with a particular ethos. Him and the owner. If Norwich has a different ethos than what he believe sin, why should he go there? Four manager is how many years? He doesn’t need the cash. He’s rich enough. He doesn’t need the hassle. He just wants to be somewhere where they do things ‘his way’. The one thing about being small in this game. You need to think out of the box if you are going to survive. That’s one advantage the Bees have over most of their rivals .. and the reason why people are ‘surprised’ that we’re doing so well. Because most other clubs just do what they always do . plod along .. spend shedloads of cash … try and pass that off onto the fans … and repeat. That Poceni chararacter on here .. you may think he (or she) is a moaner .. but he seems to be a bit of a realist to me. And as he said, maybe a few of you probably need to remove the rose tinted specs. RusstyBoy – yes we had a great time. And you are more than welcome back in our boozers when we play next season (which we will in all likeleyhood do . ..we’re realists … and know it’s unlikely we will go up this season … we’re just happy to be here .. and delighted we’re upsetting so many people) …. CanaryOz … correction .. we actually have TWO more points that you guys on the road … not on less … BarclaySeats – You were woefully wrong with your 4-0 prediction. I was close with 1-1 on Talk Carrow Road (nice one Jack …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epVBVInDmVI) but I DID predict that you would bring down Andre Gray just outside the area (you actually did it inside the area .. he’s a tricky little b@gger). And having been to every game home and away this season .. and last .. unfortunately I’m sucked in … and will come … doesn’t make it right. There were only just over 1000 Bees fans yesterday. Saying that, Brentford had 3000 at Brighton last week – pricey at £30 .. but the fans made a decision … either Brighton or Norwich .. they chose the CHEAPER CLOSER option … we took 1500 to Wigan for £15 match ticket … if the ticket was £25 yesterday, we would have taken another 1000 easily. Norwich was 1,000 fans short of capacity in a stadium that ‘sells out every week’ … it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out … 2000 away fans at £25 is more income than 1000 p!ssed off away fans at £35 .. Saying that, I don’t think you would have wanted another 1000 Brentford fans in the ground. The 1000 we had in the ground totally put you guys to shame vocally. Again surely this has to be another case for lowering prices … it seems the more people pay for their seat (or if we want to get into the whole social exclusion agrument .. the people who can afford to splash out £35 plus to go to a football match) .. the more they seem to want to just sit there and enjoy the view .. as opposed to getting behind the team. We may have an old decrepit stadium at Brentford .. terracing at both ends .. but cor blimey do we have a laugh in there every week … singing and dancing and all sorts with my mates .. and getting behind our team come what may. That’s what I go to football for. Not to boast how beautiful and expensive and quiet my stadium us. I said I was gonna post the Tony Parks interview up (your goalkeeping coach) and I will do on a separate thread. I’ll also post the post match podcast we did in The Coach And Horses after the match – featuring loads of Norwich fans. And later, we will post up our traditional match day video. Its good fun. Again lots of Norwich fan interviews. Dancing on the terraces. And an interview with your steward with the Norwich hat at the back of the stand … and absolutely top bloke he was. Pleas excuse my ranting. I do actually like Norwich. Your fans are great. And I think you deserve better. But you really need to get a wee more vocal and just not accept what you are spoonfed. Oh coming back to the steward in the hat at the back of the away stand … he’s an absolute legend. He was most accommodating and friendly – pretty much summing up the vibe we got from most Norwich folk in our afternoon there. If you check @Beesotted on twitter, we just tweeted his legendary status .. Jacqui Oatley from BBC Final Score just retweeted it. He will feature on our video later too. Cheers
  5. Guys and gals just want to share a link with you (although I have no idea how to do a link on this site) of an interview we did with Tony Parks .. the ex Brentford player .. and now your goalkeeping coach ... I had the please of knowing him when he played for Brentford .. he ever entrusted me with his mum and dad when Brentford played Liverpool in the FA Cuo 1/4 final (one round before Hillsborough) to come on what was only the 2nd Official Unofficial coach I had ever done. Brave man. It was a messy one. Not sure what they thought. A few years later I did one to Norwich in the cup which was equally messy. Anyway we chatted to him bout all sorts .. Brentford .. his time at Falkirk .. Spurs .. and Norwich .... Great chap ... wish him well .. other than on Saturday of course .... http://bit.ly/1JuYNER
  6. We enjoyed having the Norwich fans .. it was a good nite despite the 3-0 .. and its the first time I''ve seen Brentford fans go home happy being spanked (not literally) Ticket price .. and supply and demand .. don''t really want to go there .. as its a touchy subject ... but my personal view is .. "if it''s full, charge more money" is far too simplistic ... there has to be a balance up between making your customers happy ... what is strange is norwich fans seem to be either anethesised to the idea of being charged silly money .. or your minted ... personally i feel you just think its the norm .. and football loves it ... tell people £35 is what it is .. and they pay it .. then it justifies itself ... there is an argument that if you are happy to pay £35 fine .. but travelling fans shouldn''t .. coz they have additional costs ... and travelling fans add to the atmosphere of the game .. interestingly the premier league admits its suffering from having full studio with dull fans who don''t make an atmosphere and are trying to do something about it (possibly reduce ticket prices ironically) ... interestingly many fans who seem happy to pay £35 at home seem less happy to pay £35 when they have spent £40 on train fair .. £25 on food .. and £20 on beer ... brentford charged you £23 i think it was .. the argument about ''beautiful stadia'' is nonsense .. its all about vibe .. and whats happening on the pitch .. and if you watch the video we made ALL norwich fans LOVED their trip to brentford for £23 .. despite the olde skool stadium .. same for pretty much EVERY fan who comes down (ipswich think it may go down in history as one of their best ever trips) Im gonna post a podcast we just did of your goalkeeping coach Tony Parks on a different thread if i can work out how to make links .. what a top bloke he is .. played for us in the 90s ... his mum and dad came on my coach to the FA cup 1/4 final to Liverpool .. and experienced all sorts of mayhem ... nice one
  7. Gray hasn''t been as on form the last few weeks as he was in november and december. he missed a hatful of chances against brighton in the cup - we would have been playing arsenal on saturday to be honest. but hey ho. We had a similar game as you did against cardiff. We absolutely smashed them first half at their place. 3-0 up. douglas went off injured and they came back to 3-2 second half and possibly could have nicked a draw. one thing we''ve learned to do is win ugly recently. we couldn''t do that earlier in the season. sound like there will be a few goals on saturday .... that''s 0-0 then ....
  8. Apologies Haven''t got to grips with your forum Line Breaks hyperlinks that lot ... and cant see an edit button either ....
  9. Brentford fanzine Beesotted here [URL=www.beesotted.co.uk]Beesotted Fanzine[/URL] .. in peace .. popped over here at the beginning of the season after we shot our post match video (link below) when you came down to Griffin Park ... really friendly the Norwich fans were. Tis been a bit of a season for us. We''ve kinda got the hang of this division since we last played each other. Great wins against Derby and Forest .. and F*lham .. that was on another level .. Jota in the 94th minute .. he will get th keys of the town (what town?) for sure. Not sure of your thoughts about the weekend. We discussed the match on our podcast this week and we''re all a bit nervous. A point will be a great (and rare - we don''t do draws .. win or lose is Warburton;s theory) result for us. We''ve been getting results as of late without firing on all cylinders. Plus Alan Judge is missing .. and he''s a big loss. We did our podcast this week. Please don''t take it personally, but we absolutely roasted your club''s £35 ticket price. The podcast featured the Brentford CEO who thought the price was bang out of order .. and also a guy from the football supporters federation. Unfortunately, Norwich very politely refused to give their comment on the podcast which is a shame as it would have been really interesting to have got an opinion from the other side. Have a listen. It''s long .. but indexed (see the ''track listing on the notes below the podcast). Something to do while washing the dishes. You can even listen to it in itunes by clicking the button below the podcast [URL=http://bit.ly/186hUJU]Beesotted Norwich Match & Ticket Price Podcast[/URL] Other than the ticket price, we''re very much looking forward to coming to Norwich. Haven''t been there since (and maybe I shouldn''t remind you) we won 2-0 i think it was in the FA cup back in the mid 90s. We wore cheese hats .. as you do. Meeting a few Norwich characters in one of your locals. We''ll be shooting our fan video as per usual on Saturday. Heres a peep at the video from earlier in the season [URL=http://bit.ly/1CH3Ijy]Beesotted Norwich Terrace Video[/URL] Cheers
  10. Thanks for putting the link in. I''ve no idea how to do that on this board. Norwich fans were good value. If you remember your time in Div 1, the one thing great bout that division was you could go pretty much anywhere ... Shrewsbury ... Or Preston .. And rock up at the pub pre match. And have good banter. Our first experience this season (Muff ..Or Bournemouth to jo schmo) wasn''t like that. Rotherham was the exact opposite (bar the National Front being kettled outside the pub). Blackpool didn''t count as they are in disarray. Will be interesting to see what Boro is like on Saturdsy But Bees fans like n encourage away fan banter. Yes we are incredibly partisan. And we take the p!ss badly. But ultimately we enjoy having respectful away fans on our patch. You guys & brighton at the weekend were cool. Brighton didn''t manage to stray much further than the 4 pubs whereas you guys found the pubs for fans in the know (in the video)
  11. Guys Hope you enjoyed your evening ... Here''s our Beesotted fanzine MATCH VIDEO ... shot before, during and after the match .. and featuring norwich and brentford fans .. in the pub .. in the ground .. on the street ... http://beesotted.co.uk/?p=13090 enjoy ...
  12. We lost tonite. But not that despondent. Was a good evening. Pub was buzzing before the match. First half we were decent. Your keeper saved you. And we didn''t finish out chances. We were very much on top. Lesson learned. Second half you changed it up. We didn''t cope. One goal down. Player fouled for a pen. Wasn''t given. You score on break. All over. Without putting ourselves down, as long as there are 3 worse teams than is this season were all good. Seem Blackpool. Rotherham. Birmingham so far. And Foolham and bolton are meant to be not great. So we''ll go to Boro on Saturday in search of a point. If we don''t get it ... We''ll still have a laugh
  13. There are four pubs around the ground. The Griffin is closest to the away end and is very popular with away fans - but also very busy. The New Inn is on the other side is also popular with away fans. The Princess Royal and The Royal Oak (normally home fans only) are the other two options. Other pubs slightly further afield for the more creative amongst you include (and this is by no means a definitive list) the … The Globe (Windmill Rd) & The Lord Nelson (Enfield Rd) - both incredibly friendly and cozy away-frienly pubs .. frequented by ''away fans in the know'' - you can park easily outside both. They''re both on the walking route down from the tube too from Northfields Stn. The Plough (Northfields Ave) in Northfields is a decent stop-off if you are coming by tube to Northfields before making your way down to the ground (normally stopping off at The Globe and Lord Nelson en route) .. Its 30 secs walk left out tube. And as for ale heads the Magpie and Stump real ale pub on Brentford High Street … A quick google search and you’ll find them all. There are many many more too if you have an early start (or all evening) … If I were coming down what would I do?? If arriving at Northfields at around 5pm by tube, head to plough for one. Then down to globe and/or nelson. Before heading off to griffin for a swift last pint before heading into the turnstiles (30 secs walk from the griffin). We drink in the globe. And sometimes nelson. Enjoy
  14. Brentford fan in peace hereLooking forward to a decent game tomorrow. The Brighton game at the weekend filled us with much confidence. Our football was (compared to where we have come from) at times stunning.There''s a decent little preview of the match from a a Norwich fans'' perspective in our Beesotted fanzine (@beesotted) .. Talks bout loads. Our ex player Grabban. How 7-1 Colchester was the best result ever. Ipswich.http://beesotted.co.uk/?p=1307Also here is a bit of pub info for you. There are plenty around. Near the ground. And further afield. Coming in by train, your best route is liverpool street central line to Holborn. Piccadilly line to Northfields. Then either walk (taking in pubs en route) or E2 bus. Ground is 20 mins from Northfields. En route pubs between 1 and 10 mins.As you probably know there are four pubs around the ground. The Griffin is closest to the away end and is very popular with away fans - but also very busy. The New Inn is on the other side is also popular with away fans. The Princess Royal and The Royal Oak (normally home fans only) are the other two options.Other pubs slightly further afield for the more creative amongst you include (and this is by no means a definitive list) the … The Globe (Windmill Rd) & The Lord Nelson (Enfield Rd) - both incredibly friendly and cozy away-frienly pubs .. frequented by away fans in the know. These are both 10 mins walk from Northfields station and 30 secs walk from each other. One is nestled right in the middle of the houses.The Plough (Northfields Ave) in Northfields is a decent stop-off if you are coming by tube to Northfields. 1 minute left out the tube. Quick stop off before making your way down to the ground (normally stopping off at The Globe and Lord Nelson en route which are 10 mins walk away or 2 stops on E2) ..And for ale heads the Magpie and Stump real ale pub is on Brentford High Street …A quick google search and you’ll find them all. There are many many more too if you have an early start (or all evening) … all the mentioned pubs are away friendly .. Colours etc ....We''ll probably be between The Globe pre match ... .possibly The Nelson ... And The Griffin post match...We shoot a load of terrace fan videos every match too ...http://beesotted.co.uk/?page_id=12461So don''t be surprised if someone sticks an iPhone in front of you and asks bout the Ipswich game a few weeks ago ,....If you watch any vid, watch our trip to Blackpool. Twat-gate. It''s quite funny. This clip is short.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfBYy97E9-gA really really handy couple of apps for London.Download ''Bus Times''. This is a wicked app. You can sit in the pub and it will tell you literally almost to the second when the next bus will be to jump on to your next pub. Handy for sitting in the plough. Or after the match to ensure you don''t miss your bus after a few post match swifties in The Griffin.The other is ''Transport''. Ensures that you don''t miss your last train from Liverpool Street. Enjoy the match. But not too much.
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