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Mello Yello

Bored with BOOING!?

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Yes folks, are you bored with "BOOING?" Well if you are, why not try the tried and tested R.A.W. Yes the R.A.W. system, which is the abbreviation for the Roman Amphitheatre Way. A lot of top Italian stadium''s, have recently reintroduced this tried and tested way of airing one''s discontent. I have it on good authority from my reputable contact at Carrow Rd, that R.A.W. will have a 4 week trial- starting with the forthcoming Leeds game.   

R.A.W. Scenario: If the home team has a stinker, at fulltime, the visiting side is allowed to vacate the field of play. The home team then congregates in the centre spot. A 12ft fence would automatically raise around the pitch perimeter, then it''s decision time! All the crowd (unless you left early to catch a bus, train, toilet, pub or watch the X factor- saddo''s) would then judge the teams efforts, by the raising or lowering of their thumbs.

Then Delia, Micky Wynn and Chairman Mumbles, will give the ultimate decider! If it''s a satisfied "Thumbs Up" it''s relief for the player''s, as they will then be able to make their way to the changing room, a hot bath, followed by scampi & chips and a lager shandy. "Thumbs Down!" then the entertainment really starts! With the pitch water sprinklers on full, from the corner of the Jarrold & Barclay, the head groundsman- astride his petrol driven mower with blades spinning, enters to a rapturous applause, closely followed by his ''assistants'', bearing their divot replacing garden forks. Who will aggressively pursue the overpaid & underachieving squad for a period of 15minutes. If the groundstaff are fortunate in capturing or cornering a member of the squad, they have to donate a weeks wages to a nominated charity! 

So there you have it! Let''s hear the crowd "RAW!"

My missus is making me a yellow & green toga from an old bed sheet for the Leeds game! "TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!" OTBC ;~) Mello 

Whatever happens, we chuck ''Doncaster'' into the Snakepit!

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