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What is it that we need/want?

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I am fully aware that there are going to be many suggestions, with some stating we need/ed reinforcements, some perhaps saying a new backroom staff and some/many calling for a new change of manager. Admittedly the last option is the loudest, but also after January the most plausable given that we cannot buy players and that backroom teams tend to follow the managers they favour. I am however intrigued as to if we were even at this late stage of the season, who would you want, and not just because of the win ration but what qualities would you want in a replacement or interim manager?Now, I personally feel Hughton has had his time, that I will admit, however I don''t deny that he is a very good coach (difference between coach and manager) and that he does possess good technical coaching ideologies, however I would personally particularly in the short term favour a man manager. Somebody who doesn''t look to the technical for answers but someone who will perhaps drag players up by their boot laces. My reasonings for this is based on a couple of things. Firstly - technical coaching will created technically gifted players, who may still not know the game and can be naive...2) looking at different technical aspects of play, e.g left footed players on the right etc. has not worked for us this season and as well as being naive has become predictable. There is also the view without the man management and motivational aspect of management then it doesn''t necessarily matter what is put across the players will not look to capitalise on it. Now, apparantly the players are right behind Hughton, therefore surely, they are taking the information on board. Point is then, are the players content to socially loaf through a fear of failure and happy to let Hughton bite the bullet long term claiming they are right behind him and ignoring him? or are they not actually taking his preaching on board? Either way....this is not good, certainly not for Hughton as it means his sacking be it short or mid term.Now, for me, and this is just my opinion I feel that it is a combination of the two and that Hughton''s information is not being taken on board correctly, nor is it correct tactical information in the first place. Again bad for Hughton....So, stick or twist is a completely seperate argument but I think if Iwas to look for a replacement then I think I would have to go for someone who is going to place the emphasis on the players and making them accountable for their actions. A manager who is going to stoke the embers and remind the players what is expected of them and that as they are "premiership" standard they should go out there and play with a certain level of skill. This would lead to me wanting a manager who can focus on winning the big tactical battles ( I think hughton has done very poorly at this this season) and someone who will motivate the players nad motivate them to motivate themselves.For me that person could be Neil Warnock or a Neil Warnock type character. I am not suggesting he would be the best suggestion as I am sure someone could find another example of this type of manager who has a better statistical record (e.g pulis/allerdyce or any other bullldog) but I would hope you get the point in the type of manager I feel we would need to look for. Particularly given that Warnock himself has experience in a number of leagues, number of situations and even a number of our players when he was at our Academy Leeds United. This is just to me where I feel we need the work done short term and an example of the type of manager we could go for.I am however interested to know your views and even at this late stage of the season would you stick or twist? who? and why them?(Ducking head under the parapet for mentioning Neil Warnock in the correct order)

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