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for what it's worth...

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Ok... So I can be verbose. This is a discussion forum... So how about a discussional thread? We can all make predictions... The PUPs thrive of it... So here''s mine... Feel free to put your penniesworth in on what I say... Preferably with your own too....

Us v Spurs Original prediction (a whole other story) : defeat. Now: still fear the same.... 1-3

No doubt I''ll get some mud thrown my way for it... But just like I was gladly proved wrong with the Man City game: I always maintain anything can happen and live in hope... It''s just my faith in NCFC under Hughton is depleated.

Man C v Stoke OP: Man C win Now: Stoke steal the draw 2-2

just to throw a spanner in the mix... I''d love to see Arsenal or Chelsea win it... But look at Man City''s failed to win record... Other than Chelsea, they''re all against bottom 13 sides! And I gave Stoke less credit in my predicts... They''ve just beaten Man U, then drew with Southampton and then drew with Swansea.... Not long til they play us too...

Man U v Palace OP: Man U win. Now: 3-0 united...

Perhaps it''s wishful thinking but we need teams around us to drop points to top teams... And thinks look bad at United, I just feel this could be the game for Moyes to build a bit of momentum... They have WBA then Chelsea next.

Arsenal v Sunderland OP: Gunners win. Now: still ... Lets go 4-1

I just do.

Chelsea v Everton OP: Chelsea win. Now: still... Say 1-0

Chelsea were looking good before slipping up to WBA... Everton had a break but had lost their derby... Tight game, maybe?

Liverpool v Swansea OP: Liverpool win. Now: actually a draw... 2-2

Just because it''s nearing the end of the season... And it''s Liverpool. But seriously, Swansea did what we couldn''t by beating Cardiff... Lets give em a vote of confidence (knowing how our luck''s generally been regarding other results, it could happen).

Southampton v West Ham OP: Draw. Now: 3-2 to Hammers.

Southampton are on an impressive DWDW but West Ham are on an even better DWWW (both teams'' last 3 fixtures against bottom 11 teams)... I can see this being a goodun and West Ham just getting the better of it.

Newcastle v Villa OP: Toon win. Now: hmm... Draw... Punt at 1-1

Newcastle have gone longer since the win and are on a run of 3 massive defeats... But Villa aint looking too sharp now at WLLD... Dunno... Just smell draw.

WBA v Fulham OP: Fulham win. Now: WBA win it.... 1-0

Massive game for them and us... While I''d love to call a draw, I just think that WBA look slightly better than Fulham at the minute.... Granted Fulham have had the tougher run, they''re on LLDL ... But WBA''s LDLD, their draws were against Liverpool and Chelsea.

Cardiff v Hull OP: draw. Now: Hull win 2-0

Long story short: Cardiff (along with Fulham) is one of the teams I think are going down this year.

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