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To the seasons end

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As much as I want Hughton out, he once again got the result when he needed it today. Whilst I may not understand how he always seems put himself under so much unnecessary pressure, and in the unpleasant position of these "crunch" games, I''m glad we got the 3 points.
I think with just 12 games to go (the last 4 are just meh) maybe there is little point in changing the manager now. I can''t see him being replaced with us 12th, and I''m genuinely willing to give him the full benefit with also having the return of Pilkington and Tettey - was genuinely impressed with the strength of our bench today.
If Howson is back soon too, and Turner, I will feel a lot more confident that we can pull out the results to scrape survival with a finally fully fit squad despite the drab unattractive football.
I fear for RVW, I''m still reserving full judgement for the end of the season, but I really worry about how he must be dealing with the NCFC experience. He didn''t shoot enough before today, and when he did shoot on one of the few occasions, he definitely should have laid it off. I''m worried as he looked a little demoralised, and he just needs a goal any way it will come right now. If it doesn''t work out I don''t know what he/we will do. Would we let him go? Probably right now at a potential loss if we did. The whole thing puzzles me, and I''d love to know whats in his head.
Either way, I think I would reluctantly be happy to see CH here until the season ends now if I''m being sensible about it. If only that I can''t think of anyone who is the right fit, with the given time left, and also we have players coming back which I hope give us the lift. Seriously need to start longer for longer term candidates IMO, but right for right now, its 3 hugely welcome points!! Enjoy your week everyone!

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