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Back from a break from reading the posts, thought I''d post a few observations about football in general and NCFC , having supported the club through good and bad (not even being put off by one early game I watched from the Barclay terrace on a cold midweek school-night back in the day)

I absolutely believe in supporter trust ownership as the way ahead and that in 2014 the FA must campaign for fairer shares between the top 20 and the 72 league clubs and sportsmanship as an ideal rather than the foul attitude of "we must cheat because everyone else does".

As for the Canaries I feel that we have fallen into the conventional wisdom (along with other clubs of our stature) that goes "The demands of the league mean we must conform to a certain philosophy (how many clubs now follow tactical fashion and play a formation or style that is popular rather than what is best for their squad?).

In our case we are tolerating typically British crude one-dimensional football (far better to have a Norwich City philosophy from academy to 1st team that supporters can take pride in and that determines the coaches and players we hire)

Coaching in Britain is years behind continental Europe (RVW must have arrived from a dutch background and thought he''d arrived in the footballing dark ages), it takes an outsider like Wenger, Martinez, Pochettino or Pellegrini to show how good coaching can improve players beyond their limitations.

I will admit to having had doubts about CH (on his appointment I checked his record and wasn''t impressed but thought I''d wait and see). My own observation is that progress will not occur unless we break from the mentality described and no longer abide by the thinking "Can''t compete", there can be no such thing, it''s not so much "Can''t compete" as "Lacking the courage of our to convictions to compete".

In concise terms the problems at NCFC are wider than our current form (which is admittedly relegation form) and current coaching team, they are as much in the moribund thinking and coaching that holds British football back, the Premier League has only it''s commercial success to talk about whilst the best coaches and players are being produced elsewhere.

As an example an England side playing typical english football in the World Cup will do how well? (Running around for 90mins in amazon conditions).

Doubtless these thoughts will be considered provocative and possibly unpatriotic.

So, any thoughts out there.....

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