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Team development

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The most important thing for us this season is team development.  The squad is still a bit thin in the DM department and injuries have definitely affected team development.  We know other teams have better squads so it is no surprise we are struggling to get going, especially given the injury situation. 

Individual mistakes are costing us at the moment - almost exactly the same as they did in our first season in the prem under Lambert.   Lest we forget, there was some dross played under Lambert too in the prem - early season mistakes and dreadful performances at Sunderland./MCity/Blackburn away to name three - so mistakes and mixed performances are part of the scenario.  Injuries too.   But in terms of development, these things can be improved.  

"Team development" seems to have been forgotten in amongst the negativity that surrounds this message board, yet that is what we need.  Not manager changes, not coach changes, not even player changes.  Just development.  Small success here and there help - Fer scoring in successive games - winning against West Ham - being so attacking against Cardiff - not being overun by Newcastle and coming back in to the game.  No one said it would be easy but small improvements can lead to better results and an improvement in confidence too.  Team development is an ongoing process and is the most important thing for our success this season.  

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