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Stu Robson

Plan for next year

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Firstly worthy must:

Keep Hucks, Deano and Leon (These 3 will rip championship teams apart)

Make sure that safri and Shackell Stay (Quality Players)

We need A central Defender, right back and left back (fleming is OK as cover but we need a team for the prem. If we can get a good set of players it will set us in good stead.)

Possibles (gabbidon, ward (millwall)

We Need a Winger in place of Bentley (show-poney) I think jonson would be a great first choice (just need cover)

We need a central midfielder along side safri (francis will be gone)

Pray that greeno stays.

Stay with worthy


If we have these we will walk the fizzy league.


My changes for next year.


                                                     Green (ward)

Edworthy(NEW )  Ward (fleming)   Shackell (doherty) Drury (charlton)


Jonson (NEW)       New(Steve Stone(HOLT??)) Safri (New)   Hucks(Brennan)


                                Mckenzie (jarvis)            Ashton (sven,crow)

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Reading this why not use Jonson at right back if Helveg leaves?  He has been excellent defensively and did very well there at Fratton Park.  He can cross, head and tackle and has the dicslipline that Eddy lacks?


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