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Buzz Killington

Away performances

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Apologies for another depressing post, but lets blame these depressing away performances, ''ey?

Anyway, we really are struggling away from home. I''m pretty sure I can count our shots on target, away from home, on 1 hand, since, maybe Wigan away last year. Surely, there must be alarm bells ringing somewhere in the changing room?! Especially considering that we spent a good 13 million on strikers this summer. I''m fed up of hearing nothing said about this by the club. All we get is Chris Hughton saying, "it''s an area we need to look at...".

I rarely have a weekend off. I spent a fair bit of money to travel to Hull a few weeks back (not just on the game, but time off etc), and left the game feeling conned. I didn''t see a clear chance, and we played against a promoted team with 10 men. After an hour or so, I accepted that maybe we just had a bad day. But now we''re saying the same again. As we were after we famously didn''t muster a shot on goal away at wigan last year. I had been considering driving up to stoke, given that its on the last day of a week off. After today''s game (which I listened to), I felt exactly the same as after the hull match. I''m now no longer considering a trip to stoke. It''s just too far to go to see the same performance. You can accuse me of not being a fan, or being a fair weather fan, whatever. I went to considerably more effort to get to away games in league one. I enjoyed it, win or lose.

I''m loathed to jump on CH''s back. I think he did a great job in replacing mr lambert - a thankless task. Something needs to change, though. I used to be desperate to get to an away game. If I''m non-plussed, there''s seriously something wrong.

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