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Up or down? Time for McNally's Axe!

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Hi all

Been a while since my last post, but really feel that maybe somebody at Carrow road maybe already thinking this:

Has Hughton gone as far as he can go? If we stay up would you trust him with the squad and RVW or if we we go down would you trust him to get us up again?

I know we had a 10 match unbeaten run and we are not a bad team, but the table doesn''t lie. 2 wins from 18 and a poor strike force is not looking good.

OK so we win next week and it maybe enough to keep us up or not need anything from Man City away. (Although beating Man City away to stay up would be the game of the season)

So the question is what next?

For me i think that hughton has two games left before the mcnallly axe will fall. If i was mcnally i would be in secret meetings with martin o''neill. If we go down then he may still come to norwich as an ex-player and he certainly has the respect to get us back up. We would have the no move of RVW to get him. (cash) If we stay up then with O''neill we wouldn''t be relegation favourites while under Hughton, and i totally trust him with the squad.

Please don''t come on here quoting sunderland, we all known o''neill is a manger god.

Don''t get me wrong Hughton always had a mission impossible after Lambert and he is a good manager, but i feel teams know how we work and i think another manger could get a lot more out of the squad.

God help us. We can still believe and stay up but if we do i think its still time for a change.

(Please ignore my spelling and caps issues, typed on ipad)

Cheers all

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