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Balance in the team

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Many people have observed that Hux is both one of the best players, and a problem. He is not a striker in the conventional sense, and seems to have lost his confidence in any case. The big question is, where do we play him? He is not a wide midfield player, and leaves the left side rather exposed, although on Saturday, when we eventually seemed to become 4-3-3, we did seem more balanced.

When Stuart gains fitness, and perhaps Helveg or Safri play, we may have more creativity in the midfield. But a three-man midfield of whom two are Holt and Francis are likely to be overrun, and are short on creativity anyway. Moreover, unless Eddy gets forward, with Saturday''s team it was difficult to see any worthwhile crosses coming from the right. We are lop-sided.

I think that we need a defensive midfielder, whether Holt or Safri, with a mission to break up attacks and relieve pressure on a rather slow back four, and we need someone who can release Hux and the two strikers. Could Stuart do it?

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