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don't be too hard on city

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I know I will get grief for saying this but it looks likely that we will be going down, I don''t think we have had too much luck this season but I am also realistic enough to know that we lack the quality and experience too. But I think we should remain upbeat and support the team as long as they continue to give 100% like they did tonight, and they were unlucky to lose.

The most important thing is that we have a first class striker who can prove himself a real handful in the premiership let alone the Championship. With that and the core of the Div 1 winning team from last season we can look forward to an exciting season again next season.

With that in mind I think we should keep supporting the team 100% and not get on players backs. I''ve had a few beers tonight during the game and I was gutted when Man city scored but now I think we really need to get behind the team and show our support. I say that because I fear some people might me a little less philosophical!

Anyway, whilst it''s still mathematically possible we still have chance - it''s only Chelsea and Man U up next....!!!!! On the ball City.

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