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Canary Poirot

Next up Arsenal away...Time for something different

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If we turn up at Highbury with the same 4-4-2 and same 11 it will be a complete waste of time. That would to me equate to accepting we''ve lost before we''ve kicked - in fact why bother to turn up at all if that''s the case.

So it''s time Worthy sat down and tried to work out a formation and tactics which will give us a chance of getting a result, becasue I am certain playing 4-4-2 will result in certain defeat.

Personally I think we need to play to our strengths (att) and shore up our weaknesses (def and mid). As our wide men have been woeful of late (excluding Hux) I think we should go with a 5-3-2/3-5-2 formation using wingbacks with a sweeper - Helveg (who else is there?).

Jonson played admirably at Portsmouth as a right sided wingback so should be given this duty, with Drury on the left. Ashton and McKenzie should lead the line with Hux breaking from deep. Saffri and Holt playing holding roles just in front of the back 5 (Francis dropped as his form of late has been woeful). The back three then being Shackell, Helveg and Charlton. We must try something different, otherwise what''s the point? 

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