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same line-up again...

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I wonder what Worthy is thinking... No other manager in this world starts with the same line-up for four games in a row (I know it is only three, but if Huckerby could play Man City I''m sure he would be in the starting 11) - when the team has lost all these games.

We have got quality players fit from recent injuries. Players that would love to play again.
The team that finished the game vs Arsenal looked far better than the starting line-up.

Next season will be a tough one. I think we can get a play-off spot, but it won''t be easy. We need at least two new defenders before the next season starts.

Some ideas I hope Worthy will test now for the seven last games (which can be seen as "pre-season" games for the next season):

Fleming must be dropped. I''m sure both Charlton and Doc can do a better job. Why not try Drury as a full back? Or a Academy player...

Holt must be dropped. I''m sure even Mulryne can play better. Holt needs to learn how to read the game. He runs for no use.

Francis isn''t that good. He''s been playing awful lately. I know he can score goals, but defensively he isn''t good enough. Henry''s second goal was Francis'' fault.

Leon doesn''t have to start every game. He can only play two good games in a row. Why not try Jonson as a striker? He plays up front for Sweden, and looked good in the end against Liverpool. I also think we should recall Crow and Jarvis - they need experience on this level. We are relegated anyway... (I hate to admit it though).

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