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Harleston Canary

If not Worthy, then who?

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I could see this coming.  Exactly who would be available/willing/affordable as a replacement for Worthy if he were to be given the boot?  You could look at West Brom and point to their appointment of Robson, but they''re effectively two seasons ahead of us in the ''boing-boing'' stakes.  The people who have mentioned Charlton, Bolton etc have the right idea - it''s all very well saying ''we model ourselves on Charlton'' and may need to be relegated to come back stronger, but as we are about to find out, WE DO HAVE TO BE RELEGATED - you can''t just pay lip-service to the idea, but then not like the reality.  If we''re in Wolves position this time next year, get rid of him, if not let''s see.  Some people have very short memories regarding both what Worthy has achieved and some of the dross we''ve had as managers recently.


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