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Essexiled Canary

Bottle as much as quality!!!!

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IMO bottle has such a big part to play in this league, and unfortunatley I don''t think we are showing enough of it!!

I remember when we played Chelsea in the FA cup at FCR, and we tore them apart!! Mark Rivers was running about all over the shop, providing, taking on players and showing no respect, and they were full of quality then!!

Don''t get me wrong, we are playing really well and im proud to be a Norwich supporter, and I think we have more than enough quality to stay up!!

However taking the Liverpool game for example, they were not at their best by a long way, and if we had only taken the game to them and put them under some serious pressure the result may have been different!!

I can''t speak for away games, but why isn''t Bentley taking shots like he was when he first joined!!

His goal agianst Newcastle had no right to go in, but it did becuase he gave it a go!!

In the liverpool game we had several oportunities to have a crack but just didn''t take the risk of missing the goal!!

I know we have made some excellent come backs against good teams in this league, but I can''t help wondering if we were a bit more gutsy from min 1, would we need to??

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