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Tangible Fixed Assets anyone?

On the Ball ale and NCFC

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[quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"]

I wonder if the street vendors will be next?  I believe they (except sellers of newspapers, fanzines) need a licence from the City Council.

As for sellers of fanzines i think they are exempt from needing a licence. Does anybody remember the time when the police took someone in and then found out that they didnt need a licence?

[/quote]I can only think of one that is usually around on match days and that''s the guy who sells hats and scarves from a stall near the River End, I would imagine as he has a stall there every home game he has a license, if you visit his stall you will probably notice that none of the stuff he sells has the club crest on it.The last 2 seasons there have been street vendors with flags and scarves for the last couple of games cashing in on our promotion, I don''t know if they had a license (I actually doubt they did) but they again didn''t use the clubs crest.

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