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Second best at just about everything....

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Just back from Villa. We were second best at everything - even the usual boisterous away support were heads down, barely able to to raise a "We love you Norwich, we do" at the end.

*Our midfield was completely over-run - Francis cannot do all the work himself and Mulryne was a joke - passing backwards or giving it away or falling over in innocuous challenges. Badly missed creativity of Bentley - he has gone so we need Safri or ANOther.

*Defense was shocking - yes Adam is clearly lacking confidence, but where was Brennan and Hucks? Desparately missed Charlton and Helveg/Holt.

* Up front - Deano had no service, Hucks was head down to no effect, Jonson was scared to shoot and final ball was a shocker. Leon ran around (thats all - just ran around - I could that do).

The question is - are we going to be second best to Palace and Southampton? On this (and the last 6 games) I am afraid we are going to be second best. I haven''t thought that until today. Oh dear!




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